Linear vs Scattered Holographic Nail Polishes- Best Ideas 2021

holographic nail polish

Best Holographic Nail Polishes

There was a time I went to the salon for my manicure and pedicure, I was getting married so I wanted to look good. I was really confused and I couldn’t explain correctly the type of nail polish I really wanted for my nails. When it came to linear and scattered holographic nail polishes, there was always an argument between the two I couldn’t differentiate them. Thanks to my friend, I can now understand the difference between the two.

What is linear holographic nail polish?

linear holographic nail polish contains tiny particles and a strong prism that makes it clear for you to see different colors like that of a rainbow. It becomes brighter outdoors and dulls indoors. This is exactly the nail polish I was trying to explain to my friend but I couldn’t get it right.

holographic nail polish



What is scattered holographic nail polish?

Scattered holographic nail polish contains bigger particles unlike that of the linear holographic nail polish, the clear prism is not visible. When it comes indoors the scattered holo is visible but not shimmery like when outdoors.

I really liked the linear holo for my wedding because I wanted something colorful and beautiful but they suggested we do the scattered holo for my bridal team.

Any holographic nail polish brings out a very attractive look on your nails, and every woman would like to try it. After my research on holographic nail polish, I came up with the best holographic nail polish that is non-toxic and safe for your nails.

Hexy Bikini Textured Polish- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the best nail polish and leaves out a very beautiful and attractive look on your nails. It is available and affordable, best gift for birthdays, weddings and for wife or girlfriend.  For the best results apply in 2-3 coats.

Wander-ful World- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is one of the best holographic nail polish that is best during valentine’s, dinner dates, and various occasions. It is advisable to apply 2-3 coats for the best results. sometimes the nail polish feels and looks best with a coat or two of quality topcoat. Polish can feel rough if left without top coat.

Flip Flop Hooray- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the best cool nail polish with a beautiful effect, the packaging is awesome they come in holographic envelopes with a seal. This is the ideal nail polish for every occasion. For the best results apply 2-3 coats.

Oh Splat White Glitter Nail Polish with Rainbow Glitters- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the coolest holographic nail polish that contains a flat brush for easier application. It also contains plenty of glitters in the bottle over the white nail polish for more effect. This is the perfect nail polish for Easter time because the glitter circles looks like tiny Easter eggs. It’s an ideal gift for a girlfriend, mom, wife, or sister.




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