How to Grow Edges Back With Jamaican Black Castor Oil


What Causes Thinning Edges?

Thinning edges come as a result of two main elements that include genetics and the consistent application of tension styling. With genetics, one has no alternative, but with the application of tension styling, one can always slow down or stop the application altogether. Genetics typically lead to the loss of hair or shedding of hair which naturally leads to the edges becoming thin. In addition to applying tension styling, other factors such as the wearing of wigs and weaves are likely to lead to the thinning of edges. Underlying medical conditions are also likely to lead to having thinning edges. 

How Do You Stop Your Edges From Thinning?

There are various steps that one can take to stop the edges from thinning, and they include:

  • Rubbing the thinning areas with oil and other treatments to spark re-growth. There are specific treatments used to reduce the shedding of hair as they help repair the follicles as well as encourage hair growth.
  • Rubbing one’s scalp with Vitamin E is also a viable process as it stimulates hair growth.
  • Other strategies include regular deep conditioning, being gentle with the styling, changing hairstyles, and spending more time caring and moisturizing one’s hair. 

How Do You Stimulate Hair Growth?

Stimulation of hair growth mainly includes applying certain types of chemicals or natural substances to ensure that the follicles are healthy and have the capacity to facilitate hair growth. Some of the chemicals and natural elements that one can apply to stimulate hair growth include aloe vera, coconut oil, fish oil, onion juice, viviscal, ginseng, rosemary oil, and massaging scalp.

The scalp massage is ideal as it increases the hair thickness as the cells are stretched. Research indicates that scalp massage helps in the dilation of blood vessels in the skin, thus stimulating hair growth. There are also certain types of foods that one can take to stimulate hair growth, and they include berries, eggs, fatty fish, avocados, nuts, sweet potatoes, and spinach. 

How Do You Thicken Hair Edges?

Thickening of the edges mainly refers to growing more hair around the edges. Among the standard approaches that one can use include massaging the edges with natural oils, which is ideal for stimulating hair growth. Additional approaches that one can take to thicken the edges include the application of non-protective hairstyles, which can stimulate hair growth and, at the same time, limit hair loss in the edges.

Additionally, one can always wrap their hair at night as this protects against the loss of moisture and the use of satin or silk is ideal in managing moisture loss. Natural products only are a proper approach as most of the chemicals elements applied may limit hair growth along the edges. Natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba have vitamins that wake dormant hair follicles. 

What Does Castor Oil Do for the Hair?

Castor oil has a variety of benefits for an individual as it helps in the stimulation of hair growth as well as the treatment of hair loss. Another critical advantage of castor oil promises is strengthening the hair, and increasing flexibility as the hair shaft is lubricated. Lubrication of the hair shaft additionally reduces the chances of hair breakage and thus helps in reducing hair loss. Castor oil is also vital in managing dandruff which results from having dry and flaky skin. Castor oil moisturizes the skin and thus keeps the skin healthy and thus deals with dandruff. 

What Type of Castor Oil is Best for Your Hair?

When being used as a form of treatment, the best form of castor oil is the Jamaican black castor oil. The Jamaican black castor oil is specially designed for thick, coarse hair. The oil is made from roasted castor beans as well as ash produced during the roasting process. Since castor oil is not ideal for all hair types, one can test the use of the oil by applying it on the elbow overnight and review whether one’s skin reacts to the oil.

How long does it take to see results from castor oil?

A trial period of between six and twelve months should be expected, but the effect can begin in the first four months of application in most cases. Minoxidil is the primary determinant when using the oil since the results are promising, and one has to continue using the oil to maintain the results. Continued use of castor oil is likely to bring about positive effects fast as the oil contains natural ingredients as well as organic peptides. Significant changes can be expected after a year of continuous use of castor oil. 

How Often Should You Use Castor Oil On Your Hair?

There is no specific standard developed for the application of castor oil. Still, most professionals recommend the application of castor oil once or twice a week for four months, as this is when one is likely to experience positive results. Increased use of the oil is likely to lead to buildup and matting. The limited use of castor oil is due to the fact that castor oil is considered safe when used in small doses. 

Which Oil Is Best For Growing Edges?

The Jamaican black castor oil is among the best when restoring edges is the desired result. The oil has specific ingredients that help in the restoration of hair by stimulating hair growth. A combination of the oil as massage with natural oils will definitely aid in the growth of hair around the edges. The oil helps in the stimulation of the hair follicles, which leads to increased and fast hair growth around the edges. 

Best hair oil for hair growth

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Glass Bottle (8 Ounce)

This is an oil with a nutty scent that has several benefits: strengthening the hair, moisturizing, detangling, and shining the hair. The oil is produced by the Tropic Isle Living brand and is mainly affordable. It has a variety of advantages; for instance, it strengthens the hair follicles, which help develop healthy and robust hair.

The oil also has reflective and moisturizing abilities, which lead to adding luster to one’s hair. The oil also provides a protective coating that helps to seal in moisture. Repair and healing of scar tissue are also one of the benefits of using this oil. Lastly, the oil also supports nail growth as it protects the nail bed with specific antifungal properties. 

Simplicity Hair Oil Female Hair Oil Blend 50ml

This is an oil specially designed for damaged hair as its primary purpose is to restore damaged hair strands and damaged edges. The oil also has the capabilities of regrowing damaged edges as it contains natural oils that help in the stimulation of hair growth.

The fact that it does not contain chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors helps hair growth to be as natural as possible. The oil is affordable and promises great results when applied on a regular basis. 

EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil | 4 oz | Eliminate Dandruff, Refresh Scalp, Boost Shine – Packaging May Vary


The primary purpose of the oil is to stimulate new hair growth and additionally prevent breakages, thus leaving one’s hair with an amazing silky appearance. The oil has a range of exotic ingredients that generally stimulate hair roots without leaving a greasy buildup.

The main benefits of these oils include decreasing dandruff, increasing the strength of hair strands, addition of shine to the hair, and stimulating new hair growth. All hair textures can be applied with the oil as it’s not specific. 


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Edge Treatment, 4 Oz, Pack of 2

This is an affordable oil with an essential oil scent with ingredients that include glycerin, corn syrup, seed oil, peppermint, and pectin. The main benefits of this oil include frizz control as well as moisturization of the hair. The oil provides a good touchable hold while at the same time nourishing the edges, promotes healthy hair as it contains reparative omegas, and lastly offers deep moisturization while also conditioning the hair and scalp. 

Taliah Waajid Protective Styles Gro Hair Gro Bamboo And Coconut Milk Growth Oil 

This is an oil specially designed for adults that should be used before, during, and after the application of protective styling. The oil originates from the United States and is infused with a unique SciNatranol peptide fortifying complex which supplies the proper nutrients to the hair follicles that fortify the hair from the root to the tip.

The oil is developed using 13 botanical and essential oils, which offer soil benefits such as the promotion of thicker and longer hair. Additionally, the oil leads to the development of strong hair as well as creating full hair on the head. 


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