How To Easily DIY Thicken Nail Polish- Best Ideal For Nail Stamping 2021.

nail art stamping

What Is Nail Stamping?

Nail stamping may be described as the process of placing designs on one’s nails after nail polish has been applied and dried.

A unique nail stamping kit is normally used to imprint one’s nails with the design of one choice. Nail stamping can simply be put as nail art. Nail stamping may be described as a fairly young nail art technique that is becoming more common as it’s far easier than hand painting.

Nail stamping is seen as being much easier because one is not required to have exceptional nail art talent and one is not required to have a steady hand to deliver top-notch results. In some instances, nail stamping may bring about better results than hand painting even when one is an experienced nail artist. Changing and choosing designs for one’s nails is also simple with nail stamping when compared to nail painting which may require one to follow an entire process just to change the form of art present.

With nail stamping, one has a limitless form of nail art to choose from as they are already pre-designed and this feature makes it more attractive. A proper nail stamping kit for any beginner should include a scraper, stamper, and metal plates that have all the designs that one may require to apply. Nail stamping is relatively easy and it requires one to follow certain steps which include application of the nail polish onto the metal plate, pressing the stamping tool on the preferred design.

One can either use the rubber stampers that are part of the stamping kit and upon getting some experience, one could use a transparent stamp to improve on accuracy. After successfully pressing on the design, transfer the stamper on one’s nails and press to imprint the design. The method is a simple and swift way of applying art to one’s nails.

Why You Would Want To Make Your Nail Polish Thicker

About nail stamping, thicker nail polish is more ideal compared to thinner nail polish. Thick nail polish is better for nail stamping as one can develop better designs and imprints about any other form of nail polish. Thinner nail polish would also be too mobile to try and make artistic imprints as is the purpose of nail stamping.

Step By Step Guide-How to Thicken Nail Polish

There are two main approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish.

  1. First entails leaving the nail polish bottle which will naturally lead to its thickening.
  2. Exposure to air automatically thickens nail polish and this is among the best and hassle-free approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish. The process is slow and requires one to be patient and keep on checking on the progress of the nail polish. Constant checking is advised as it helps one determine how fast the nail polish is thickening and whether they require to engage in additional strategies to quicken thickening.
  3. Leaving a bottle of nail polish close to a window that lets in the air is enough to have the nail polish thicken in a few days. The quantity and quality of the nail polish will determine how fast it’s able to thicken and how usable it will be once it has thickened. One should not leave the nail polish in direct sunlight as this will affect the quality of its color and quality.
  4. The second thickening approach involves adding a thickening agent and most preferably the xanthan gum powder as it is among the most effective and safe agents for thickening nail polish. The agent will quickly make the nail polish thicken and one can determine their preferred thickness by trying to apply the polish on a surface or their nails. One could use a small spoon to make proper measurements of the agent as it is indeed directly to the nail polish.

How the Methods Work

As noted above, thickening of nail polish is fairly easy for either of the approaches since they are simple and direct. In the first approach, one requires to leave a nail polish bottle open for a few days or hours depending on how thick they want the polish. The main issue with this approach is ensuring that no insects get into the bottle as well as avoiding direct sunlight which will affect the quality of the polish.

The second approach involves directly adding a thickening agent to the nail polish and waiting for the thickening process to take over. The most vital detail regarding using the thickening agent is for one to use a suitable amount as well as getting the right agent for the perfect results.

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Thickening Agent for Nail Polish

There are various thickening agents that one could use to thicken their nail polish but among the best and most recommended is the Xanthan gum powder which is mainly made from corn, soy, and wheat thus is user-friendly and chemical-free.

The agent is directly added to the nail polish and the process begins immediately the agent is in contact with the polish. To guarantee even distribution of the nail polish, one should roll the nail polish bottle a couple of times after placing the agent.

The agent is highly effective and the thickness of the polish can be constantly checked as one can apply the polish on a surface to determine whether the thickness is ideal for their application. Selecting a thickening agent is key as certain agents are less effective and may tamper with the quality of the polish. Xanthan gum powder has been proved to also work on food products such as jam thus its efficiency is not in doubt.


Nail stamping is the new form of creating nail art and it’s a simple and easy-to-apply process that allows, one to create beautiful and diverse art without having to be necessarily skilled and experienced in nail art. Nail art requires the nail polish to be thick to avoid spilling as well as having a stable platform on which to create art and designs. Thickening of nail polish can be achieved by adding a thickening agent or letting a nail polish bottle open.

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