Cnd Stickey Base Coat vs Orly Bonder- Best Ideas 2021

cnd stickey cnd stickey

At first when I came across the cnd stickey base coat and Orly bonder my nails were in a total mess they were chipping, breaking, and peeling off. I thought that maybe the house chores made my nails week. The moment I was introduced to cnd stickey and Orly bonder my problem stopped, my nails are always very strong and my nail polish can last up to three weeks. Am a happy mother, I do chores around the house and go to work with no worries. I no longer hide my nails from my friends.

What is cnd stickey?

Cnd stickey is a soft, stickey base coat for long-lasting healthy color, it prevents peeling and chipping of the nails after nail polish application.

what is Orly Bonder?

Orly bonder is a unique base coat that prevents the nails from chipping and when applied with nail polish it can last for about two to three weeks.

Why does my polish keep chipping?

  • Check on the products you are using, some products are not always made of good quality and may lead to chipping of the nails, for the best and quality nail polish you can always purchase at Amazon.
  • Chipping of the nails can be caused by the application of thick nail polish, it is always better to try and make it thin.
  • Sometimes using a strong hand wash or lotions can cause the chipping of the nails, it is always advisable to get the best and natural products for your skin.
  • Sometimes house chores and washing hair and dishes can cause the nails to chip easily. it is always good to use cnd stickey or Orly bonder to prevent your nails and help your nail polish last longer.
  • Filling nails in a back and forth motion is the worst mistake, it can cause nails to break easily it is always good to file your nails using one direction to avoid tears and splits.

The application procedure of Cnd stickey and Orly bonder

For someone to have the best outcome you must consider the following factors,
First, you have to start with a base coat to prevent your nails from staining then apply the Orly bonder or Cnd stickey wait for it to dry. Apply your nail polish and wait for it to dry,  and apply again the Orly bonder or Cnd stickey then apply your final 2nd coat nail polish. For the best results apply a drying top coat. Remember to choose the best and quality products to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Best Sticky Base: Zoya Anchor Base Coat

Most Durable: CND Stickey Base Coat


Best Cheap Base: Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat

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