Causes of Big Toe Pain


Causes of Big Toe Pain

Are you suffering from big toe pain and you are wondering or stressed about it ?. Worry no more, in this article you will be able to find out the Causes of Big Toe Pain, and treatments. Pain on your toe can be very disturbing and unbearable. This can make you very eager to find out what the problem might be. Big toe pain can interfere with your daily activities making your movements more difficult hence causing more pain and stress.

Big toe pain can be caused by 


A bunion is referred to as hallux valgus, it causes big toe pain, irritation, and swelling at the base and side of your toe joint and can also cause big toe pain. Putting on shoes that do not fit properly and standing for long periods can cause bunions. The pain becomes unbearable because of the pressure from the toes caused by shoes such as high heels or very tight shoes.

In order to reduce bunion and pain, a doctor can give anti-inflammatory and ibuprofen for the pain, natural home remedies and therapy can also help heal bunion.

Bunion Splint Bunion Corrector 

Bunion splint bunion corrector is the best to use and is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the joints such as Hallux Valgus, Bunions, and Hammer Toes. It is for both men and women.

it helps to relieve the pain from the Bunion by realignment of the joint to its natural position. A super-soft gel pad over the big toe protects the aggravated area.

It also reduces pressure on the foot joint and stops bunion formation from getting worse, if also reduces big toe pain especially if wearing shoes that fit poorly or have high heels.


Sesamoiditis occurs when tendons surrounding the sesamoid bones become irritated and inflamed. This is caused when extra force is placed on the feet during various activities such as ballet dancing, baseball catchers, and runners. Ballet dancers are more likely to get sesamoiditis because they use their toes especially the big toe, to support their body weight hence straining the muscles.

Sesamoid can also be as a result of bone breakage, bruising, and swelling and can cause big toe pain.

Sesamoiditis can be treated by:

  • Reducing activities that cause pain
  • Using a cushioned insole inside shoes
  • Wearing comfortable and low heel shoes
  • Taking anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications

Topsole Flat Feet Metatarsal Orthotic Insoles 

Topsole flat feet metatarsal orthotic insoles give the best comfort to people who stand for a long time, those who regularly exercise and run. It provides extra support to the heel and base of the foot while running or hicking, keeping you cool as it absorbs all the sweat and moisture produced by your feet. 

Hallux rigidus

Hallux rigidus is the loss of flexibility in the big toe due to arthritis in the MTP joint. This condition can be due to hereditary or congenital defects in the foot, that can place chronic stress on the big toe joint, triggering arthritis.

Hallux rigidus can occur more to people who participate in sports, for example, it can happen due to a sharp bending of a big toe while playing football and for the ballet dancers as well. Hallux rigidus can occur also due to a toe break and injuries causing a big toe pain visiting a doctor are always advisable.

Treatments of Hallus rigidus

Signs of hallux rigidus include pain, swelling, and stiffness in the big toe joint and cause big toe pain.

  • Can be treated by anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication to reduce big toe pain.
  • Wear low heel shoes to reduce the pressure from the toes.
  • Avoid some physical exercises and activities such as ballet dancing, football, and other games.
  • If the hallux rigidus is persistent, the pain and stiffness become unbearable, it stops you from doing your daily activities, the doctor can consider surgery.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is a condition that occurs when the edges or corners of your nails grow into the skin next to the nail. An ingrown toenail is treatable at home by various home remedies, but if the condition persists it can be treated by a doctor.

The symptoms include tenderness or hardness of the toe, swelling, and pain. These symptoms can also be associated with redness, bleeding, and oozing pus if the toe is infected.

An Ingrown Toenail can be Caused by ;

  • Curved nails
  • Tight shoes. tight shoes cause pressure and stress on the big toes, this can be very painful, uncomfortable, and unbearable at times it can even make you change your walking style.
  • Tone nail injuries always occur mostly to people who play games for example ballet dancers and footballers.
  • Cutting toenails incorrectly

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

  • Olive oil can be applied on the toenail edge
  • Pain relief medications
  • antibiotic for infected
  • Surgery
  • Manuka oil

NZ Country 100% manuka oil is the best and More Effective Than Tea Tree Oil for Skin Conditions like Infected Cuts, Rashes, Acne, Finger and Toe Nail Discoloration, Tinea Boils and Roseca 

It can be added to shampoo to help itchy dry scalp or can be added to body wash for irritated skin.


Turf Toe

Caused by pain, swelling, and limited joint movement at the base of one of the big toe.

Caused by a sudden force, it appears most to football players and ballet dancers.

Treated of Turf Toe:

  • Combination of rest, ice compression, and elevation.
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications
  • Use of crutches to protect the weight from the injured joint.
  • Physical therapy
  • In some cases, the doctor might perform surgery.
  • It is advisable to wear low heels shoes to prevent the toe joint from straining and bending.


Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. It can affect one joint or multiple joints. An infection or injury to the joints can exacerbate this natural breakdown of cartilage tissue, cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue in your joints. It protects the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock created when you move and put stress on them. This is why if arthritis occurs on the legs and affects the joint, and causes the breakdown of cartilage tissue along the toe, this causes Big toe pain.

Treatments of Arthritis:

  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications.
  • Menthol creams that block the transmission of pain from the joints
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected joint

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Caused by sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in the joints, often the joint at the base of the big toe, this causes big toe pain.

Gout causes intense joint pain that usually affects the large joint of your big toe although, it can affect any other joint that includes ankles, knees, elbows, wrist, and figures.

Gout causes inflammation and redness and limits the joints movements.

Causes of gout

  • High levels of uric acid in your blood. Taking a lot of food that contains purines can cause gout too. This food includes alcohol and drinks that contain fructose.
  • Obesity
  • Age and sex
  • Certain medications

Prevention of Gout

  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated
  • Avoid or limit alcohol
  • Avoid or limit meat intake
  • Maintain your weight and eat healthily

Therapeutic Gout Relief Cream

Therapeutic gout relief cream contains  Arnica Extract, Ilex Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil to help reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief.

This cream is the best to relieve gout and muscle pain it is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Bone Spurs

Also called osteophytes- they are smooth, hard bumps of extra bone that form on the ends of the bones.

Bone spurs happen when they rub against other bones, or press on nerves and make you experience pain and stiffness.

Born spurs are caused by injuries, genes, diets, and weight, too much weight can cause muscle pain also.

Cause of bone spurs includes:

  • Weakness or stiffness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Pain

If you experience all these symptoms there is a need to visit a doctor.

Toe Fracture

A toe fracture is a result of direct injury or can be a result of trauma in a few cases. Toe fracture causes a lot of pain thus making one feel uncomfortable while walking it can cause a big toe pain also.

Treatment of a Toe Fracture

  • Apply ice to reduce pain
  • Wrap your foot
  • You can use some pain relief medications

If the pain persists visit a doctor for a close examination.

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