what are nail buffers made of

nail buffer

nail buffers are made of?

Nail buffers are made of grit which is mainly the buffer grit that one uses to polish or rub their nail. The main purpose of buffing one’s nails is to give them a shiny and consistent look and in case one has a ridge, they use paste to fill them so that the nails can appear even. The grit that makes the buffers allows one to make their nails shiny without having to use nail polish.


What Is Nail Buffing?

Nail buffing refers to the polishing of nails with the successively finer grit to make the nails shiny and more consistent. The nail buffers are designed to smooth out edges on one’s nails and in the end, leave the nails looking shiny and healthier. The end effect of buffing one’s nails is that nail polish gets to adhere better and this one’s manicure will look better as it helps in reducing the accumulation of natural oils. Additionally, nail buffs can help improve the circulation of blood in the nails.

How To Buff Nails At Home?

Buffing nails at home is a simple process that everyone can follow through within a few minutes. There are four key steps that one should follow when buffing their nails at home. First is filing using the coarse side of the file to get one’s desired shape and size. The filing should take place in one direction as filing back and forth would damage one’s nails. The second step is buffing which helps remove the ridges as well as smoothing out the nail surfaces. To buff, one should hold the buffing side parallel to the nail and stroke it gently in an X shape. Buffing side to side creates some heat that can dry out the nails. After buffing, one should polish the nails using the softer side of the buffer and end by shining the nails using the smooth side in a circular motion.

How Often to Buff Nails?

Buffing can be done several times a month but the nature of buffing should be gentle as aggressive buffing is likely to weaken the nails which would not be ideal. Buffing should be done gently two or three times a month as it generally improves blood circulation in the nails as it works in a similar manner as pinching one’s cheek gently to bring blood to the skin surface. Buffing should not be a regular affair as it can easily weaken the nails since it involves scraping away layers of dead nail tissues and excessive buffing can lead to gradual wearing of one’s nails making them weak.

General Benefits and Tips of Nail Buffing

The major advantage that buffing brings about is improving blood circulation in one’s nails which is key in making the nails strong and healthy. The second key advantage that one gets from buffing their nails is smoothing the nails especially when one has ridges. Third, it leaves an attractive sheen to the nails meaning that one does not always have to polish the nails. Buffing also allows the nails to grow faster and healthier. Buffing gives nails a healthy and shiny look.

Does buffing nails help grow nails?

Yes, buffing at least two or three times a month allows one’s nails to grow faster and healthier as the action improves blood circulation and helps in the removal of dead nail tissues. The nails will grow better and healthier as buffing is a major way of taking care of one’s nails.

Should you soak nails before filing?

Soaking one nail before filing is not ideal as it may not be very sanitary when compared to dry manicures which help the polish last longer and are considered more sanitary. Soaking of one’s nails causes the nails to expand thus it would not be ideal to soak before filing. Soaking also makes the nails softer which may make filing tougher and not bring about the best outcome. The best that one can do is to clean one’s nails using polish remover or alcohol before polishing one’s nails.

 Grit in Nail Buffer

Nail buffers have a Grit of about 900 and 12000 which allows the buffers which are micro-abrasives to smoothen the nails as well as creating a unique shine on both natural and artificial nails. The level of the Grit defines how a buffer should be utilized as fine buffers are ranging between 240 and 600 that are used to remove small bumps while the ultrafine files range between 600 and 2400 and are used for buffing all sorts of nails.

How Do I Choose the Best Nail Buffer?

One of the most vital issues with a nail buffer is the grip as this determines how well one is able to buff and smooth their nails. One should always look for a nail buffer that has a good grip. The course of the nail buffer is also important as it dictates how one will use the buffer and the main rule is the fewer the grains, the coarser the nail file.

How to Use a Nail Buffer the Right Way

Using the buffer the right way should be procedural and includes cleaning one nail, drying the nails, removal of old nail polish, and trimming one’s nails to the desired length. Lastly, buff and smoothen out the nails in a consistent manner but not back and forth as this is likely to damage the nails.

What are Nail Buffer Blocks

Nail buffer blocks are a four in one type of buffers that have four types of buffers with each side having a different course where one side can use one side to buff the nails, the second side to file the nails, the third side to polish the nails and the fourth side to bring out the shine.

DO’s & DON’T’s of Nail Buffing

The main limitations that one has to face with buffing are the frequency with which one buff their nails, the coarseness of the buffer they are using, and the preparations that one has to do before buffing such as removal of old nail polish and cleaning one’s nails. The main Do’s relate to following the precise instructions set while buffing in relation to cleaning nails, the motions of buffing as well as choosing the right type of buffers.

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Best Ways to Clean Nail Stamper & Stamping Plates Properly 2021 .

Nail Stampers

What To Do if Your Nail Stamper is Stained

Clean Nail Stamper & Stamping Plates can be stained easily , one could use cotton pads soaked in 100% acetone and swipe the stamping plates using the soaked cotton pads. To guarantee proper cleaning and preservation of the nail stamper, one should avoid using polish remover that has been mixed with a variety of chemicals.

The nail stamper cannot be cleaned well if the nail polish is mixed with chemicals such as moisturizers and oils. Additionally, one can use a sticky stamper solution or scotch tape. Alternatively, one can also use a cloth with soap to clean the stamper.

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What to Do If Your Clear Stamper Is Cloudy

Continuous use of acetone to clean the stamper makes it appear cloudy, and the main problem is that it cannot be reversed; thus, the only alternative is to get a new stamper. The change is irreversible since the silicon head has had a permanent reaction with chemicals used to clean the stamper.

How to Clean a Clear Gel Stamper

The best way to clean a clear stamper is to use either alcohol or nail polish on the clear stamper, although a small amount of acetone can also be used on the nail polish remover. A sticky pad is also used to clean the stamper head. The most vital detail is choosing the right nail polish remover to avoid any damages. An office scotch tape is also ideal in cleaning the stamper.

How to Clean a Non-Gel Stamper

For a non-gel stamper, one can wash it in soapy water and later dry it with a clean piece of towel. A lint roller can also be used, but one has to be careful not to use a sticky lint roller as it can either damage or rip the stamper. The stampers should be cleansed after each and every use.

How to Load the Stamper Plate

Loading a stamper involves placing an image into a stamper. First, apply a thin layer of stamping polish to an image that one selects on the stamping plate. Any excess nail polish should be scrapped off while holding the scraper at a suitable angle, such as a 45-degree angle which allows for proper cleaning. The stamper should then be rolled on over the image lightly.

To guarantee that the transfer of the image is smooth, flicking the wrist slightly is advisable. One should ensure that the image is crisp to guarantee that the image transfers smoothly and evenly. In a case, that extra nail polish comes together with the image, gently cleaning it using a piece of tape, a lint roller, or scraper. After confirming the image is proper, apply the stamper on the nail gently.

Applying a Stamp

The application of the stamp mainly depends on whether the stamper plate has been loaded well. In a case where the plate is well loaded, the stamp application becomes more straightforward as it involves applying the image on one’s nails. The application should be done fast to ensure that the nail polish dries on the nail stamper.

Clean the stamper head with packing tape or a sticky lint roller

There are three key ways through which one can clean a nail stamper head. The first is using a maniology sticky stamper station which includes a multi-purpose tool where the paper front acts as a manicure planner and a notepad for polish ideas. Still, its main application is derived from its written peel.

After peeling the paper, one can find a sticker whose role is to help clean excess nail polish from the stamper head. Secondly, one can also use a sticker lint roller as it has some form of stickiness that allows for getting the nail polish off. The sticky lint roller is usable as long as it has a sticky surface. Lastly, one can also use scotch tape, which is ideal and straightforward as it only involves placing the tape on a stamper and taking it off after some time. Cleaning the head stamper is a simple process no matter what method is selected.

How to Prepare a Nail Stamper

Good preparation of nail stamper is vital for proper application of the nail stamper. Preparation of the nail stamper fists involves first cleaning the gel stamper, which involves getting the stamper head and thoroughly cleaning it, which must feature cleaning the oily residue using soap and water.

After cleaning with soap and water, rinse the stamper head and clean it with a lint-free towel. When dealing with a non-gel stamper, begin by rubbing the stamper head with a nail buffer and then clean it using a cotton ball soaked with pure acetone. Cleaning the stamper plate should be done using a cotton ball soaked in pure acetone. With the stamper plate and the stamping head well cleaned, one is ready to apply the desired stamp.

How to Successfully Master Nail Stamping

Becoming a master nail stamper requires an accurate following of the steps previously highlighted in the article. The initial stages cover the preparation of the nail stampers and all the equipment used. Using clean stamping equipment is critical in ensuring that the stamping is neat and colorful in the end. One begins by preparing their nails, cleaning and filling one’s nails, and applying the desired base coat.

The base coat should be evenly spread and perfect to guarantee that the stamping sticks on well. The base coat should dry first before applying the stamps. Next, cleaning the stamper head should be done thoroughly to guarantee no remaining polish from the last use.

The following approach includes cleaning the stamper plate, which ensures that the loading is smooth and there is no excess polish. The next step is loading the stamper head and gently rolling it over one’s nails. Once applied, the last step is applying a top layer of clear nail polish.


Nail stamping is a common way of beautifying one’s nails, but one must know all the required steps and follow them for their stamping to be successful.



Base Coat vs Top Coat Best Ideas 2021

Base Coat Vs Top Coat

Base Coat Vs Top Coat Which One is More Important?

What is a base coat?

Basecoat is a type of nail polish that is colorless and contains safe ingredients for your nail growth and health. It is a lot thicker and sticky than the topcoat that helps the nail polish to adhere better when applied.

What is a topcoat?

Topcoat Is a type of nail polish that is thinner and stronger, it helps the durability of the nail polish and lasts longer when applied on your nails. It protects the nail polish from chipping, wear and tear.

Base Coat Vs Top Coat Which One is More Important

A long time ago I used to ask myself what is the difference between the topcoat and base coat. I could figure it out clearly, in fact, I use to do my nails myself and I could use a base coat as my top coat little did I know that this was a great mistake that I was making. So I decided to do research on base coat vs top coat and found out this.

Basecoat and topcoats contain ingredients called “solvents” that act as transporters for other chemicals to function on the nail. These functional chemicals are dissolved into the solvents because they are not able to stand alone as a liquid that evaporates easily.
From my thinking about base coat vs topcoat, is both the base coat and top coat are very important because they give someone’s nails a perfect look.
When it comes to regular nail polish base coat is not as important as the topcoat, this is because the topcoat protects the outer nail polish finish, which is very important as it protects the nail polish from chipping, wear and tear. On the other hand, the nail polish can be applied without the base coat since its work is to help the nail polish to adhere better and most of the nail polish can be applied easily without a base coat.

Benefits of a Top Coat

  • Topcoat gives maximum protection to the inner layer of the nail polish from tearing and wearing.
  • When applied topcoat gives out a clear shiny look of the nail polish
  • Topcoats give out a glossy smooth touch when applied on top of nail polish, it gives out the best and attractive look.
  • Topcoat acts as a waterproof, water does not damage the nail polish directly.
  • The topcoat also protects direct heat from sunshine and maintains the original color of the nail polish from fading.
  • Topcoat protects nail polish from being stained and from harsh chemicals that can damage your nails

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Benefits of a Base Coat

  • Using a base coat is very important, there are people who prefer to use a base coat only without any nail polish, and their nails still look beautiful, attractive, and healthy.
  • Another important is someone can use a base coat as a strengthening agent of nails if she wants to maintain her natural look on her nails.
  • Basecoat helps your nail polish to adhere properly. It acts as glue and protects the nail polish from chipping.
  • Basecoat acts as a strengthening agent of someone’s nails and protects nails from tear and breakage.
  • Basecoat makes application easier by providing flexibility when the application is done

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Conclusion – base coat vs top coat

Taking care of your nails is the best and most important thing you can do. unhealthy and dirty nails can make you lack confidence in front of people. You can choose the best and safe base coat and topcoat for your nails that are non-toxic free from harmful chemicals.




Tips To Make Nail Wraps & Stickers Last Longer- Best Ideas 2021

Nail Wraps

How long do nail wraps last?

When well-applied, nail wraps can last for about one week or more, but this will often depend on how they are worn and how well they are applied.

6 Tips To Make Nail Wraps & Stickers Last Longer

There are various steps and tips that one can apply to guarantee that the nail wraps and stickers that one wears last for longer.

  • First, one should apply a coat of transparent nail polish. A clear coat of nail polish is necessary for giving the nail wraps a longer life span as it acts as a waterproof seal which makes the adhesive last longer and prevents damage to the wrap.
  • Secondly, selecting the right nail wrap brand is vital to ensuring that the nail wrap lasts longer. Premium brands are the most ideal as the nail wraps are made of top-quality material, making the strips stronger and thus can be worn for a longer time. Premium brands also use tough adhesives to develop their wraps.
  • Third, one should avoid water and heat as they are among the top elements that damage nail wraps. Water normally dissolves the adhesive used to paste the strips on one’s nail, while high temperatures make the wraps weaker and thus prone to easy tearing.
  • Next, one should prepare their nails well before applying nail wraps, as this is vital in determining how well the nail wraps will last. One should file the nails and closely clean then using nail polish remover and later use a dryer to dry the cleaning agents.
  • Consequently, one should also use more nail glue as this improves the pasting strength.
  • Lastly, one should also avoid much physical activity to prevent tearing and weakening of the wrap nails.

Top 5 Mistakes When Applying Personal Nail Wraps

  • Individuals make various mistakes while applying nail wraps, and they include
  • failing to remove the protective plastic protection that comes with the nail wrap.
  • The second is wrong storage which includes storing the nail wraps in direct sunlight before they apply them as this weakens the wraps since sunlight affects the adhesives used to stick the wrap to one’s nails.
  • Another common error that people make is applying the nail wrap very close to the cuticle. One should place them just after the cuticle to ensure that they can last longer.
  • Failing to clean one’s nails with nail polish remover before applying wraps is also a mistake as it limits the adhesive power of the nail wraps.
  • Another top mistake people make is applying the topcoat immediately, which is, to experts, a wrong move. One should apply the topcoat a few hours after applying the nail wraps.

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What are Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps are accent nails that give one the advantage of using a wrap on one nail or two and later use nail polish on the other nails. The Jamberry nail wraps are ideal since they are perfect for experimenting, but the main problem is that they are not easily applied.

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Easy Steps to Applying Nail Stickers to Short Nails

Application of nail stickers on short nails requires one to follow certain steps, which include:
Design selection will determine how one will apply the nail stickers and determine the nails’ condition before the nail stickers are applied.

Secondly, one should begin with a fresh base by removing old nail polish and cleaning one’s hands properly. The sticker should be applied close to the cuticle and file off the excessive wrap.

Lastly, removal of the nail stickers is also simple as it involves soaking nails in acetone.

What Are Nail Stickers?

Nail stickers are made of nail polish on the upper side and an adhesive surface on the lower side. Nail stickers are generally placed on one’s nails using adhesives as they are made of polymer clay and come in different pre-cut shapes. Nail stickers that come in the form of sticks must be cast as thinly as possible and stuck on one’s nails. The best adhesives include nail paint or nail glue.

Are Nail Stickers Safe?

Nail stickers are safe as they are made of skin and nail-friendly material. Additionally, they are made on nail polish, and since they are easy to apply and remove, they pose no form of danger to an individual.

How Much Do Nail Stickers Cost?

Nail stickers are generally cheap as the general price ranges from$5 to $20 depending on the color and the design of the stickers.

How Long Does Nail Stickers and Nail Wraps Last For?

When well applied and well taken care of, nail stickers can last for around 14 days. The length of the stickers will depend on the application technique used, the quality of the nail stickers, and the activities that an individual engages in when they have the nail stickers.

6 Tips To Make Nail Wraps & Stickers Last Longer

To guarantee that one’s nail stickers will last for longer, one can apply a variety of techniques which include:

  1. Applying a topcoat is essential for using a top coat as it ensures that the nail strip is strengthened and thus makes the stickers last longer. One could apply clear nail polish to increase the lifespan of the nail stickers by a couple of days. The clear coat also prevents water damage as well as making the adhesive work better.
  2. Selection of a high-quality brand- the quality of the nail stickers matter-determines how resistant they will be to external forces that may damage the stickers. High-quality nail stickers typically last longer.
  3. Keeping away from water and heat-being in constant contact with heat and moisture will increase the chances of the nail stickers getting damaged as these two elements damage nails quicker. Heat makes the adhesives weaker, while water may dissolve the adhesives.
  4. Proper preparation of one’s nails before applying the nail polish is also an approach that one can take to improve the stay of one’s nail stickers. Preparation should always involve the filing of nails and thorough cleaning.
  5. Using an appropriate amount of nail glue-this is a vital step as it ensures that the nail stickers can stick well and thus can last for a more extended period. The nail glue should be enough to hold all the bail stickers perfectly. Using a small amount of nail glue will limit the lifespan of the nail stickers.
  6. Avoiding involving activities-once one has applied nail stickers, they should avoid activities that will present a danger to the nails. Activities such as carrying heavy items or handling large or irregular materials threaten the nail stickers; thus, one should avoid such and more activities.
  7. The length of the nail stickers will also determine the actions that one should avoid, as the longer nail stickers will prevent one from engaging in more activities.

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How Do You Apply Nail Stickers?

Application of nail stickers should be a delicate and unique process to guarantee that the nail stickers will last longer and provide a cute look.

The following steps could be used to apply nail stickers.

  1. Remove present nail polish in case one has older nail polish. The first process should be removing the nail polish using polish remover to ensure that adhesion will be uninhibited.
  2. File the nails when applying nail stickers, and it’s essential that one has a natural look and this can be obtained through filing one’s nails to ensure they are even and match or are shorter than the nail stickers.
  3. Cleaning the nails-cleaning is an essential step as it will ensure that the nail stickers will stick well. For proper cleaning, one could clean the nails using warm water.
  4. Choose and apply the nail stickers-one should then select the nail stickers they will use. The application will include peeling the nail stickers from the sheets. Next, apply nail glue on one’s nails and place the nail stickers gently. Place the stickers right from the cuticle to the nail tips.
  5. File the excess nail stickers-in case the nail stickers are longer than one’s desire, file the nail stickers using a nail file. Lastly, apply a top coat to improve the strength of the nail strips.


Nail stickers are an ideal and simple way of improving one’s look. Care should be taken when applying the nail polish and after application for them to last longer.

How to remove sticky residue from gel nails – Best ideas 2021

gel nails

After gel nails have been cured, one must remove the sticky residue to have a flawless appearance and increase the lifespan of the gel nails. There are four main approaches that one can use to deal with sticky residues from gel nails.

Gel cleanser

Refers to a chemical that is specially designed to dissolve the sticky material on gel nails. A gel cleanser can also be used to clean oil and moisture one’s nail plates before applying the gel polish to guarantee good adhesion. To remove sticky residue, one only requires to apply a small amount of gel cleanser on a piece of cotton and remove the residue.

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Non-Acetone Nail polish remover

one can use a non-acetone polish remove to deal with sticky residue. One applies the nail polish on a piece of lint-free cotton to remove the residues.

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DIY gel cleaner

when one does not have any specific chemicals, and one can use any material in the house containing alcohol, such as hand sanitizer or perfumes. DIY methods may not be as effective as using non-acetone nail polish or gel cleanser.

What is the Sticky Residue Left On Your Gel Nails

Sticky residues are a common appearance when one applies and treats gel nails. The sticky residues form because of the oxygen near the layer of the gel, which makes it tough for the oligomers in the gel to bond perfectly to create a perfect layer. The sticky layer is normally affected by oxygen and remains uncured.

Can You use Acetone to Remove Sticky Residue From Gel Nails?

Acetone should not be used to remove sticky material from gel nails as this weakens the gel nails. Non-acetone polish removers should be used as they can be used in the same way as gel cleansers. The components of acetone-based removers are tough on the gel nails and, in most cases, would destroy the gel nails.

Tips on how to have a durable gel manicure

To have a durable gel manicure, it’s necessary to follow the right steps when applying gel manicures to last longer. First, one should clean the nails thoroughly to ensure that adhesion is great when applied. Secondly, before applying, the gel bottle should be well shaken as this ensures that the polish is even before application.

Before a gel polish manicure, one should always apply an Aquaphor on the cuticles to ensure that the gel polish remover doesn’t dry out the cuticles. When applying, one should use short strokes to ensure that the coats are even and straight. Short strokes are easy to manage and guarantee that the application is smooth; thus, it’s easier for the gel manicure to last longer. One should also use thin layers when applying the polish as they are better. It’s more beneficial to use several thin layers than fewer thick layers.

How can you remove tacky gel nail cover without an alcohol wipe?

One can use a small amount of acetone-free nail polish remover and apply it on small lint cotton to deal with a tacky gel layer. Only a small amount of the acetone-free nail polish remover should be used to avoid weakening the gel nails.

What’s the difference between a normal base coat and a gel base coat

The main point of difference between a normal base coat and the gel base coat is that the gel coats have to be dried using a Led or UV lamp while the normal base coat normally dries up naturally. After application, the gel base coat is normally tacky, while the normal base coat is smooth.

Things you will need for smooth, luscious nails

To have smooth and luscious nails, one will require to take great care of their nails, and this will require using the right tools and accessories when performing manicures. Eating healthy is also necessary to have, including taking proteins and vitamins for the development of strong nails. One should also use the right procedures when applying or removing any beauty product on one’s nails.

How to remove sticky residue after curing shellac nails?

After curing shellac nails, there is a unique method that one can apply when removing residue. The main method includes rubbing alcohol with lint cotton, wipes, or paper towels. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the paper towels or wipes and wipe the residues using the towel or wipes. Before wiping, ensure that the shellac nails are completely cured.

Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?- Best Idea 2021

gel top coat

Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?

Yes, it’s possible to put a gel top coat over regular nail polish, and it includes a variety of steps:

  • After applying regular nail polish, buffer the nails and let the normal polish dry.
    Once the polish has dried, apply a coat of gel topcoat, and in case any gel gets on one’s skins, wipe it before one cures the gel.
  • Cure the gel under a UV lamp for two minutes or under a Led lamp for 30 seconds.
    Wipe any tacky layer using an alcohol wipe but avoid using cotton balls since they can leave lint on one’s nails.

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Why use a Gel Top Coat with Regular Nail Polish

Among the key factors that may have one use a gel, topcoat improves the durability of one’s nail polish as the gel coat makes it last for about three weeks. In addition, a gel topcoat and regular nail polish prevent chipping, fading, and peeling. The process is ideal since it does not take long to get the manicure done compared to regular manicures.

The drying time is also similar to when one applies a regular manicure, and the removal process is also more straightforward. When one uses nail polish, the main goal is to have the polish stay attractive for as long as possible. Among the new methods that one can guarantee a long-term stay of one’s nail polish is to apply a gel top coat, that is more resistant to elements that lead to nail polish peeling and being scratched easily.

Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish with a Gel Top Coat

One can use a gel top coat with regular nail polish as it’s suitable to help in increasing the lifespan of regular nail polish.

There are significant advantages of using a gel top coat as it gives one a glossy appearance and guarantees that the nail polish will last longer.

The key benefits of using a gel topcoat are that they are not easily damaged and resist peeling and scratching more successfully when compared to having nail polish alone. An individual that engages in many physical activities, that guarantees plenty of friction with nails, can apply a gel topcoat.

This will ensure that they maintain their nail polish for a more extended period that is estimated to be about ten days to two weeks depending on how one applies and the brand one chooses. Gel top coat also adheres well to nail polish when used, thus the glossy appearance of one’s nails.

How to Use Both Regular and UV Gel Nail Polish Together

Putting a Gel Topcoat over Regular Polish-this is a relatively simple process that would involve one first preparing their nails to apply regular nail polish.

The preparations are different based on one’s needs or habits, but more commonly, one files the edges of their nails and clears any polish from the previous application then cleans their nails using a wet wipe. Apply a base coat and let it dry and then apply regular nail polish, let it dry, and ensure that the application is even.

After the regular polish has wholly dried well, apply a gel top coat and use a UV or Led lamp to dry the gel coat. It’s essential to use the lamps to ensure drying takes a small amount of time and that the gel coat is evenly distributed.

Using the “Gelly Sandwich” Technique

What is a gelly sandwich technique?”

The gelly sandwich technique is a method where one applies regular polish in between a gel top and base coat. The method is believed to improve the stay of regular nail polish by a few more days. The method is simple, but it requires a lot of patience as it takes plenty of time to dry off the two gel applications and the regular nail polish.

Steps to achieve a successful gelly sandwich

Applying gel coat and regular nail polish using the gelly sandwich method is not simple as it requires technique and patience. Various steps should be followed to guarantee that the application process is successful.

First, one should follow the following steps:
Shape, buff, and cleanse your nails in preparation for a manicure and apply a gel base while capping the nail tips. Cure the foundation using led or UV lamps and wipe off all the tacky layers.

Apply various coats of nail polish until the desired opacity is achieved. Wait for the nail polish to dry before application of the gel top coat completely.
Apply a gel top coat while capping the tips and cure with Led or UV lamps. Lastly, clear the tacky layer.


Application of gel top coat and regular polish is an ideal approach that one can use to ensure that their nail polish can last longer. using both makes your nail polish last long, therefore, making it very economical.


Linear vs Scattered Holographic Nail Polishes- Best Ideas 2021

holographic nail polish

Best Holographic Nail Polishes

There was a time I went to the salon for my manicure and pedicure, I was getting married so I wanted to look good. I was really confused and I couldn’t explain correctly the type of nail polish I really wanted for my nails. When it came to linear and scattered holographic nail polishes, there was always an argument between the two I couldn’t differentiate them. Thanks to my friend, I can now understand the difference between the two.

What is linear holographic nail polish?

linear holographic nail polish contains tiny particles and a strong prism that makes it clear for you to see different colors like that of a rainbow. It becomes brighter outdoors and dulls indoors. This is exactly the nail polish I was trying to explain to my friend but I couldn’t get it right.

holographic nail polish



What is scattered holographic nail polish?

Scattered holographic nail polish contains bigger particles unlike that of the linear holographic nail polish, the clear prism is not visible. When it comes indoors the scattered holo is visible but not shimmery like when outdoors.

I really liked the linear holo for my wedding because I wanted something colorful and beautiful but they suggested we do the scattered holo for my bridal team.

Any holographic nail polish brings out a very attractive look on your nails, and every woman would like to try it. After my research on holographic nail polish, I came up with the best holographic nail polish that is non-toxic and safe for your nails.

Hexy Bikini Textured Polish- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the best nail polish and leaves out a very beautiful and attractive look on your nails. It is available and affordable, best gift for birthdays, weddings and for wife or girlfriend.  For the best results apply in 2-3 coats.

Wander-ful World- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is one of the best holographic nail polish that is best during valentine’s, dinner dates, and various occasions. It is advisable to apply 2-3 coats for the best results. sometimes the nail polish feels and looks best with a coat or two of quality topcoat. Polish can feel rough if left without top coat.

Flip Flop Hooray- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the best cool nail polish with a beautiful effect, the packaging is awesome they come in holographic envelopes with a seal. This is the ideal nail polish for every occasion. For the best results apply 2-3 coats.

Oh Splat White Glitter Nail Polish with Rainbow Glitters- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

This is the coolest holographic nail polish that contains a flat brush for easier application. It also contains plenty of glitters in the bottle over the white nail polish for more effect. This is the perfect nail polish for Easter time because the glitter circles looks like tiny Easter eggs. It’s an ideal gift for a girlfriend, mom, wife, or sister.




Cnd Stickey Base Coat vs Orly Bonder- Best Ideas 2021

cnd stickey cnd stickey

At first when I came across the cnd stickey base coat and Orly bonder my nails were in a total mess they were chipping, breaking, and peeling off. I thought that maybe the house chores made my nails week. The moment I was introduced to cnd stickey and Orly bonder my problem stopped, my nails are always very strong and my nail polish can last up to three weeks. Am a happy mother, I do chores around the house and go to work with no worries. I no longer hide my nails from my friends.

What is cnd stickey?

Cnd stickey is a soft, stickey base coat for long-lasting healthy color, it prevents peeling and chipping of the nails after nail polish application.

what is Orly Bonder?

Orly bonder is a unique base coat that prevents the nails from chipping and when applied with nail polish it can last for about two to three weeks.

Why does my polish keep chipping?

  • Check on the products you are using, some products are not always made of good quality and may lead to chipping of the nails, for the best and quality nail polish you can always purchase at Amazon.
  • Chipping of the nails can be caused by the application of thick nail polish, it is always better to try and make it thin.
  • Sometimes using a strong hand wash or lotions can cause the chipping of the nails, it is always advisable to get the best and natural products for your skin.
  • Sometimes house chores and washing hair and dishes can cause the nails to chip easily. it is always good to use cnd stickey or Orly bonder to prevent your nails and help your nail polish last longer.
  • Filling nails in a back and forth motion is the worst mistake, it can cause nails to break easily it is always good to file your nails using one direction to avoid tears and splits.

The application procedure of Cnd stickey and Orly bonder

For someone to have the best outcome you must consider the following factors,
First, you have to start with a base coat to prevent your nails from staining then apply the Orly bonder or Cnd stickey wait for it to dry. Apply your nail polish and wait for it to dry,  and apply again the Orly bonder or Cnd stickey then apply your final 2nd coat nail polish. For the best results apply a drying top coat. Remember to choose the best and quality products to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Best Sticky Base: Zoya Anchor Base Coat

Most Durable: CND Stickey Base Coat


Best Cheap Base: Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat

How To Easily DIY Thicken Nail Polish- Best Ideal For Nail Stamping 2021.

nail art stamping

What Is Nail Stamping?

Nail stamping may be described as the process of placing designs on one’s nails after nail polish has been applied and dried.

A unique nail stamping kit is normally used to imprint one’s nails with the design of one choice. Nail stamping can simply be put as nail art. Nail stamping may be described as a fairly young nail art technique that is becoming more common as it’s far easier than hand painting.

Nail stamping is seen as being much easier because one is not required to have exceptional nail art talent and one is not required to have a steady hand to deliver top-notch results. In some instances, nail stamping may bring about better results than hand painting even when one is an experienced nail artist. Changing and choosing designs for one’s nails is also simple with nail stamping when compared to nail painting which may require one to follow an entire process just to change the form of art present.

With nail stamping, one has a limitless form of nail art to choose from as they are already pre-designed and this feature makes it more attractive. A proper nail stamping kit for any beginner should include a scraper, stamper, and metal plates that have all the designs that one may require to apply. Nail stamping is relatively easy and it requires one to follow certain steps which include application of the nail polish onto the metal plate, pressing the stamping tool on the preferred design.

One can either use the rubber stampers that are part of the stamping kit and upon getting some experience, one could use a transparent stamp to improve on accuracy. After successfully pressing on the design, transfer the stamper on one’s nails and press to imprint the design. The method is a simple and swift way of applying art to one’s nails.

Why You Would Want To Make Your Nail Polish Thicker

About nail stamping, thicker nail polish is more ideal compared to thinner nail polish. Thick nail polish is better for nail stamping as one can develop better designs and imprints about any other form of nail polish. Thinner nail polish would also be too mobile to try and make artistic imprints as is the purpose of nail stamping.

Step By Step Guide-How to Thicken Nail Polish

There are two main approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish.

  1. First entails leaving the nail polish bottle which will naturally lead to its thickening.
  2. Exposure to air automatically thickens nail polish and this is among the best and hassle-free approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish. The process is slow and requires one to be patient and keep on checking on the progress of the nail polish. Constant checking is advised as it helps one determine how fast the nail polish is thickening and whether they require to engage in additional strategies to quicken thickening.
  3. Leaving a bottle of nail polish close to a window that lets in the air is enough to have the nail polish thicken in a few days. The quantity and quality of the nail polish will determine how fast it’s able to thicken and how usable it will be once it has thickened. One should not leave the nail polish in direct sunlight as this will affect the quality of its color and quality.
  4. The second thickening approach involves adding a thickening agent and most preferably the xanthan gum powder as it is among the most effective and safe agents for thickening nail polish. The agent will quickly make the nail polish thicken and one can determine their preferred thickness by trying to apply the polish on a surface or their nails. One could use a small spoon to make proper measurements of the agent as it is indeed directly to the nail polish.

How the Methods Work

As noted above, thickening of nail polish is fairly easy for either of the approaches since they are simple and direct. In the first approach, one requires to leave a nail polish bottle open for a few days or hours depending on how thick they want the polish. The main issue with this approach is ensuring that no insects get into the bottle as well as avoiding direct sunlight which will affect the quality of the polish.

The second approach involves directly adding a thickening agent to the nail polish and waiting for the thickening process to take over. The most vital detail regarding using the thickening agent is for one to use a suitable amount as well as getting the right agent for the perfect results.

Poly Extension Nail Gel,


MEET ACROSS Clear Extension Gel Quick Building Gel Nail Thickening Solution for Women Trendy Nail Art Design, Salon, Beginners, Professional, 60ml

Thickening Agent for Nail Polish

There are various thickening agents that one could use to thicken their nail polish but among the best and most recommended is the Xanthan gum powder which is mainly made from corn, soy, and wheat thus is user-friendly and chemical-free.

The agent is directly added to the nail polish and the process begins immediately the agent is in contact with the polish. To guarantee even distribution of the nail polish, one should roll the nail polish bottle a couple of times after placing the agent.

The agent is highly effective and the thickness of the polish can be constantly checked as one can apply the polish on a surface to determine whether the thickness is ideal for their application. Selecting a thickening agent is key as certain agents are less effective and may tamper with the quality of the polish. Xanthan gum powder has been proved to also work on food products such as jam thus its efficiency is not in doubt.


Nail stamping is the new form of creating nail art and it’s a simple and easy-to-apply process that allows, one to create beautiful and diverse art without having to be necessarily skilled and experienced in nail art. Nail art requires the nail polish to be thick to avoid spilling as well as having a stable platform on which to create art and designs. Thickening of nail polish can be achieved by adding a thickening agent or letting a nail polish bottle open.

18 Best Nail Polish Ideas to Make it Last Longer

nail polish

How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

Nail Polish can last for between 18 and 24 months when well stored.

How To Preserve Your Nail Polish

There are several approaches that one could use to preserve their nail polish for long periods. The main problem with nail polish is the fact that once it’s opened, it may discolor with time and additionally become clumped which makes it unsuitable to apply. Proper storage of nail polish can help one avoid discoloration and the polish becoming clumped.

2 Pack Holographic Nail Polish

There are three key details that one must understand as they preserve their polish.

First one must know that for the polish to last longer, the solvent within the polish must not evaporate, the colored dyes in the polish must be prevented from degrading, separating, and settling as this leads to discoloration.

Seven approaches can be utilized to guarantee the preservation of nail polish.

  1. Keep the bottles well cleansed and closed-closing of the nail polish bottle prevents the evaporation of solution in the polish.
  2. Cleaning mainly refers to having the neck and the cap of the bottle cleansed with a polish remover to guarantee the tight-fitting of the cap.
  3. Avoid exposing the nail polish bottle to heat-nail polish should be stored in a cool environment as this lowers the chances of the solvents evaporating and reduces the possibility of the nail polish contents degrading.
  4. Store the nail polish away from direct sunlight-UV light is responsible for breaking down the nail polish especially the colored dyes.
  5. Gel polishes can also cure and harden up when exposed to sunlight. One could store their polish in closets or designated drawers.
  6. Store the bottles in an upright position-this avoid the polish from hardening and making it tough to open.
  7. Shake stored polish occasionally-it’s likely that polish may clamp up when it stays in a singular position for a long period. It’s thus advisable to shake the bottle periodically to avoid separation and settling.

Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

How can one make their nail polish go the distance? This is a major question that most women have when they apply nail polish. Chipping is among the major challenges after the application of nail polish, and how long the polish will last. This depends on a few factors that include; how it was applied and the activities that one engages in day to day activities.

There are however a variety of approaches that one can implement if they need to have their nail polish last longer.

  1. Change nail polish formula based on what one is currently using and the results it yields, one can try a new nail polish formula to have better results in terms of the nail polish lasting for longer.
  2. Dry nails with the cool air-after application, it’s ideal to use cool air to help the polish dry. Most individuals use their blow dryer to dry the polish and this shortens the lifespan of the polish. Using cool air is the best to use when drying nail polish.
  3. Have short nails-while most ladies would prefer long nails for beauty purposes, having short nails may improve the lifespan of nail polish as long nails are more likely to bump into objects and this increases the chances of chipping.
  4. Applying cuticle oil and cream nails also requires moisturization and this may be difficult when one has applied nail polish. Applying cuticle oil and cream is ideal to prevent wear and tear when the nail is not moisturized.
  5. File nails and apply top coat-this is an ideal approach when freshening up one’s manicure. When the nail polishes begin to chip off, one could file their nails with preferably a glass nail file and freshly apply polish on the tips.
  6. Use gloves when engaging in chores-wearing gloves prevents the contact of the nail polish with other elements which improves their lifespan.

Ways You’re Accidentally Messing Up Your Nails and making the nail polish not to last longer

  1. There are various ways that we one may damage their nails and prevent nail polish from lasting longer and they may include:
  2. Filing nails in different directions-this makes it more likely for nails to break and nail polish peeling.
    Failing to buff your nails-buffing is vital as it prevents ions from one’s skin from accumulating in the nails and ruins nail polish.
  3. Skipping base coat- a base coat is beneficial as it helps to fill ridges in the nails as well as protect one’s nails from stains. One should also apply a special base coat if they are applying glitter polish.
  4. Using too much polish-this is a major mistake that most people engage in and it shortens the lifespan of nail polish as it leaves one with lumps.
  5. Failing to give time for the coat to dry to increase the lifespan of nail polish, one should give enough time for each coat to dry off so that they can apply the next coat.


One must be able to increase the lifespan of nail polish whether it is applied or not and the above approaches and techniques can be utilized to increase the lifespan of the nail polish.