Causes of Big Toe Pain

Causes and Treatments of Big Toe Pain

Causes of Big Toe Pain

Are you suffering from toe pain and you are wondering or stressed about it ?. Worry no more, in this article you will be able to find out the Causes of Big Toe Pain, and treatments. Pain on your toe can be very disturbing and unbearable. This can make you very eager to find out what the problem might be. Big toe pain can interfere with your daily activities making your movements more difficult hence causing more pain and stress.

Causes of big toe pain


A bunion is referred to as hallux valgus, it causes pain, irritation, and swelling at the base and side of your toe joint and can also cause big toe pain. Putting on shoes that do not fit properly and standing for long periods can cause bunions. The pain becomes unbearable because of the pressure from the toes caused by shoes such as high heels or very tight shoes.

In order to reduce bunion and the pain, a doctor can give anti-inflammatory and ibuprofen for the pain, natural home remedies and therapy can also help heal bunion.

Bunion Splint Bunion Corrector 

Bunion splint bunion corrector is the best to use and is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the joints such as Hallux Valgus, Bunions, and Hammer Toes. It is for both men and women.

it helps to relieve the pain from the Bunion by realignment of the joint to its natural position. A super-soft gel pad over the big toe protects the aggravated area.

It also reduces pressure on the foot joint and stops bunion formation from getting worse, especially if wearing shoes that fit poorly or have high heels.


Sesamoiditis occurs when tendons surrounding the sesamoid bones become irritated and inflamed. This is caused when extra force is placed on the feet during various activities such as ballet dancing, baseball catchers, and runners. Ballet dancers are more likely to get sesamoiditis because they use their toes especially the big toe, to support their body weight hence straining the muscles.

Sesamoid can also be as a result of bone breakage, bruising, and swelling and can cause big toe pain.

Sesamoiditis can be treated by:

  • Reducing activities that cause pain
  • Using a cushioned insole inside shoes
  • Wearing comfortable and low heel shoes
  • Taking anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications

Topsole Flat Feet Metatarsal Orthotic Insoles 

Topsole flat feet metatarsal orthotic insoles give the best comfort to people who stand for a long time, those who regularly exercise and run. It provides extra support to the heel and base of the foot while running or hicking, keeping you cool as it absorbs all the sweat and moisture produced by your feet. 

Hallux rigidus

Hallux rigidus is the loss of flexibility in the big toe due to arthritis in the MTP joint. This condition can be due to hereditary or congenital defects in the foot, that can place chronic stress on the big toe joint, triggering arthritis.

Hallux rigidus can occur more to people who participate in sports, for example, it can happen due to a sharp bending of a big toe while playing football and for the ballet dancers as well. Hallux rigidus can occur also due to a toe break and injuries causing a big toe pain visiting a doctor ia alsways advisible.

Treatments of Hallus rigidus

Signs of hallux rigidus include pain, swelling, and stiffness in the big toe joint.

  • Can be treated by anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication to reduce pain.
  • Wear low heel shoes to reduce the pressure from the toes.
  • Avoid some physical exercises and activities such as ballet dancing, football, and other games.
  • If the hallux rigidus is persistent, the pain and stiffness become unbearable, it stops you from doing your daily activities, the doctor can consider surgery.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is a condition that occurs when the edges or corners of your nails grow into the skin next to the nail. An ingrown toenail is treatable at home by various home remedies, but if the condition persists it can be treated by a doctor.

The symptoms include tenderness or hardness of the toe, swelling, and pain. These symptoms can also be associated with redness, bleeding, and oozing pus if the toe is infected.

An Ingrown Toenail can be Caused by ;

  • Curved nails
  • Tight shoes. tight shoes cause pressure and stress on the big toes, this can be very painful, uncomfortable, and unbearable at times it can even make you change your walking style.
  • Tone nail injuries always occur mostly to people who play games for example ballet dancers and footballers.
  • Cutting toenails incorrectly

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

  • Olive oil can be applied on the toenail edge
  • Pain relief medications
  • antibiotic for infected
  • Surgery
  • Manuka oil

NZ Country 100% manuka oil is the best and More Effective Than Tea Tree Oil for Skin Conditions like Infected Cuts, Rashes, Acne, Finger and Toe Nail Discoloration, Tinea Boils and Roseca 

It can be added to shampoo to help itchy dry scalp or can be added to body wash for irritated skin.


Turf Toe

Caused by pain, swelling, and limited joint movement at the base of one of the big toe.

Caused by a sudden force, it appears most to football players and ballet dancers.

Treated of Turf Toe:

  • Combination of rest, ice compression, and elevation.
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications
  • Use of crutches to protect the weight from the injured joint.
  • Physical therapy
  • In some cases, the doctor might perform surgery.
  • It is advisable to wear low heels shoes to prevent the toe joint from straining and bending.


Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. It can affect one joint or multiple joints. An infection or injury to the joints can exacerbate this natural breakdown of cartilage tissue, cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue in your joints. It protects the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock created when you move and put stress on them. This is why if arthritis occurs on the legs and affects the joint, and causes the breakdown of cartilage tissue along the toe, this can cause Big toe pain.

Treatments of Arthritis:

  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications.
  • Menthol creams that block the transmission of pain from the joints
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected joint

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pregnancy, Hip, and Joint Pain – Memory Foam Wedge Contour

Comfort life orthopedic knee pillow is designed knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees and provides maximum support and comfort at night that helps relieve sciatica pain and pressure on the lower back.

Ergonomically contoured design that keeps your legs, hip, and spine in ideal alignment while sleeping and improves circulation. It can be used by pregnant mothers too.


Caused by sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in the joints, often the joint at the base of the big toe, this causes big toe pain.

Gout causes intense joint pain that usually affects the large joint of your big toe although, it can affect any other joint that includes ankles, knees, elbows, wrist, and figures.

Gout causes inflammation and redness and limits the joints movements.

Causes of gout

  • High levels of uric acid in your blood. Taking a lot of food that contains purines can cause gout too. This food includes alcohol and drinks that contain fructose.
  • Obesity
  • Age and sex
  • Certain medications

Prevention of Gout

  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated
  • Avoid or limit alcohol
  • Avoid or limit meat intake
  • Maintain your weight and eat healthily

Therapeutic Gout Relief Cream

Therapeutic gout relief cream contains  Arnica Extract, Ilex Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil to help reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief.

This cream is the best to relieve gout and muscle pain it is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Bone Spurs

Also called osteophytes- they are smooth, hard bumps of extra bone that form on the ends of the bones.

Bone spurs happen when they rub against other bones, or press on nerves and make you experience pain and stiffness.

Born spurs are caused by injuries, genes, diets, and weight, too much weight can cause muscle pain also.

Cause of bone spurs includes:

  • Weakness or stiffness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Pain

If you experience all these symptoms there is a need to visit a doctor.

Toe Fracture

A toe fracture is a result of direct injury or can be a result of trauma in a few cases. Toe fracture causes a lot of pain thus making one feel uncomfortable while walking.

Treatment of a Toe Fracture

  • Apply ice to reduce pain
  • Wrap your foot
  • You can use some pain relief medications

If the pain persists visit a doctor for a close examination.

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot – Toe Fracture 


United ortho short air can walker fracture boot Promotes Natural Walking. Has a rocker sole and shock-absorbing insole to promote more natural walking during use.

This is the best boot to help your fracture recover fast, it also help reduce abig toe pain

Causes of nail Ridges

Causes of nail ridges , causes and treatment

Causes of Nail Ridges and Treatment

There are different types of nail ridges. These nail ridges are caused by various conditions, some are caused by health issues while other cases are just normal and harmless.

Types of nail ridges

1. Vertical nail ridges

2.Horizontal nail ridges

1. Causes nail ridges and treatment ( Vertical)

Causes of nail ridges

They are harmless lines running from the base of the fingernail to the top, in most cases, they indicate the aging process. This condition can also indicate other health issues.

Vertical ridges on the nails are often normal but in some cases, they can be a sign of a health problem, like vitamin deficiencies or even diabetes. Nail ridges often appear more as a sign of aging and lack of inability to maintain moisture.

Causes of vertical Nail Ridges

  • Poor nutrition
  • Infection
  • Can be caused by eczema, lack of calcium, zinc, and iron
  • Anemia – it can cause  ridges to appear and make dents appear in the nail
  • Rheumatoid arthritis –this is a long-term, progressive, and disabling autoimmune disease that usually affects the hands and feet first. It then affects the nails but the moment it is treated the nails back the normal texture.

2. Causes of nail ridges and treatment (Horizontal)

Horizontal Nail Ridges

Horizontal nail ridges are strong indicators of health issues, this condition may disrupt the growth of the nail. It can affect the color and they can become thinner or thicker and easily breakable.

Cause of Horizontal Nail Ridges

  • Acute kidney disease –is a disease that occurs when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste products from your blood
  • Diabetes -is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar.
  • Cancer
  • Trauma
  • Infections
  • Thyroid disease-
  • Accident
  • Chemotherapy

All these, cause nail ridges to occur. If you experience them after the treatment of one of the above, or if you have the above condition, it is always advisable to visit your doctor to see what he can do about it.

Symptoms of Nail Ridges

Nails start to change with age just like our skin does. Nail tends to change the texture and lose the smooth shape and begin to split and break easily. They may also become thicker or thinner and can also curve themselves. If these symptoms are accompanied by the pain you can always visit a dermatologist, although in many cases it is usually normal.

Nail Ridges Treatment 

If the nail ridges become more painful with a change in color, take a visit to a dermatologist and let him help to examine and treat the problem. The doctor knows better, he is able to identify the cause of any problem.

Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein, 0.5-Ounces

  • Barielle rebuilding cream protects the thinning and peeling of the nails.
  • it helps in repairing the damage by bonding and strengthening weak layers of the nails.
  • It can be used before applying polish and is safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy moms.

 Nail Ridges Prevention

  • Eat a well balanced and healthy diet, this makes your body organs, nails, hair bones strong and healthy.
  • Take a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Use non-toxic nail polish as it helps to prevent you from harmful chemicals.
  • Use protective gear while handling chemicals, for example, you can use gloves.
  • Always apply moisturizing cream after doing your cleaning chores, to keep your hands and skin moisturized
  • Nail ridges that are caused due to aging, are harmless and you should be less worried about them. However, if it is accompanied by other symptoms and changes of color there is a need to visit a dermatologist

Mavala Scientifique Original Nail Hardener Heals 

Mavala Scientifique original nail hardener protects and hardens nails. The tip of the nail is the most fragile, unprotected part that breaks easily.

Mavala Scientifique helps strengthen and harden the tip and repairs the damaged nails. It can be used by men and women of all ages. It restores weakness making them strong from flaking and peeling.

It moisturizes the nails making them look healthy shiny and soft. 

To apply it you should clean your hands first, polish it from the center of the nail to the tip. Leave on to penetrate. Use 2 times a week until nails have hardened and then 2-3 times per month once until they have recovered

DERMELECT COSMECEUTICALS Makeover Ridge Filler Base Coat – Conceal And Fill In Unsightly Nail Ridges & Strengthen Brittle Nails (0. 4 Fluid Ounce / 11 Milliliter)


  • makeover ridge base coat  instantly fills ridges and strengthens weak, dehydrated nails
  • It has protein peptides and moisturizing agents that work to improve the appearance of unsightly ridges, yellow stains, and discoloration.
  • It helps to protect your hands while working and helps your fingernails recover.
  • It is the best for weak nails, this base coat makes them grow long, strong, and healthy
  • This is what I have used so far, to make healthy and strong. Try one today with no regrets.

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream  

The best cream you can use to protect your nails is Barielle strengthener cream. This is the best cream that helps Improve Growth. It is known to make them Healthier and Strong. It Prevents Splitting Cracks and Ridges. Can Be Used with Nail Polish and as we said before chose the best non- toxic nail polish to protect your nails.



Take care of your nails as you do take care of your skin. They are the first thing people notice, if they are weak and unkept, it makes you feel uncomfortable and makes you look untidy. If you have well-kept nails people keep on admiring them and asking questions, the type of polish you apply, and what you use to maintain them.


5 Best Kids Friendly Non Toxic Nail Polish

5 Best Kids Friendly Non-Toxic Nail Polish

5 Best Kids Friendly Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Do your nails look dull and break easily? You are not alone. This is a common problem in women who always want to look neat and polish their nails, having strong and well-kept nails make a lady look more decent, attractive, and presentable. Weak and unhealthy nails are due to negligence and improper care, they are embarrassing and they make a lady look untidy.

Do you have an occasion to attend a conference and you feel incomplete due to the look of your nails? sometimes nails can be frustrating, the moment you try to have them grow they break easily and you have to start again the same process

Nail conditions can be avoided through proper fingernail care. Others might indicate an underlying condition that needs attention. The most important thing is to make sure that your nails are clean, neat, and healthy. healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or grooves. They have the same color and consistency and free of spots or discoloration. Below you will learn how to maintain and grow healthy and strong nails

Therefore you should be worried and seek doctors’ advice if your nails;

  • Changes in color, the appearance of a dark streak under the nail,
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Swelling or pain around the nails

Nails should be kept dry and clean, after washing hands or finishing house chores you should apply a moisturizer.

To prevent nail damage you should:

  • Not bite or cut your nails using your teeth
  • Pull off your hanging nails out as it can damage the live tissues around the nail
  • Avoid harmful chemicals use non-toxic nail polish  and avoid strong nail polish remover

Natural ways to make your nails stronger.

1. Dipping your nails in a mixture of water and green tea-Boil water add green tea let it boil together for a few minutes. then dip your nails in the water after it cools for 10 to 15 minutes

2. Apply a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to your nails before you sleep.                                                Massage your nails thoroughly with some warm olive oil, covering both the top and underside of your nails. Wait 15 minutes, then wash it off with water. Do this 2 or 3 times daily.

3. Flaxseeds can also make your nails stronger. The micronutrients in flaxseeds, such as B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, zinc, and protein, are necessary for nail health. Besides, they have omega-3 fatty acids required for healthy nails.

4. Beer is a rich source of silicon, which can help treat weak nails. It also has selenium, potassium, and biotin that help make your nails strong and healthy.

5. Increase biotin intake on your meals.

6. Eat a lot of protein add proteins in your diet more than carbohydrates.

5 Best Non-toxic Nail Polish Brand for Kids

Every parent’s dream is to give the best for his or her children, children must be provided with education, clothing, food, shelter, and other basic needs. Mostly everything children do or try is from their hands to mouth the reason why we came up with the best non-toxic nail polish for them.

we have come up with many varieties of nontoxic nail polish proven to be safe and the best for our little ones’ use.

Keep your kids protected from all chemicals and use this polish with confidence.

1. Piggy Paint 100% Non-Toxic Girls Nail Polish

Piggy Paint is a safe chemical-free nail polish that was founded by a mom who was searching for the best nail polish for her daughter. The other nail polish appeared to be stronger for kids with a strong odor for them to handle. It appeared that after applying other nail polish on the kid’s nails they experienced a strong headache and caused breathing problems for kids with allergy.

Piggy paint is fancy and consists of different types of nail art. It is made of natural ingredients that are safe for use for nursing mothers and toddlers.

It comes with a mini bottle gift set that contains 25 Oz size polishes. Colors. Pinkie promise, groovy grape, and blossom nail art

The best gift you can ever gift your kids or gift kids for a birthday present is Piggy Nail Polish

2. Townley Girl Disney Princess Belle Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish

The best nontoxic nail polish, it comes in a set, it contains glittery and opaque colors that little girls always admire to put on.

Townley girl Disney princess belle non- toxic peel-off nail polish comes with a variety of colors in a set of 18 nail polish bottles that include pink, yellow, green, orange, sky-blue, dark blue, red, and many more you can get more colors by mixing them.

Townley girl Disney princess belle non- toxic peel-off nail polish was founded for children age three years and above.  It is a water-based scented bubble gum that makes it best and safe for the kids to use.

This nail polish is easy to remove by peeling off the dried nail polish. Therefore making it less harmful for kids to use than using harmful vapors and chemicals that are used for nail polish remover.

This is the best nail polish for kids to apply, it contains many colors making it easier for them to choose the color they want for every dress they like to put on. Best to give as a birthday present.

3. Hot Focus Unicorn Nail Art Glow in the Dark Kit 77 Pieces 

This set contains nail stickers unicorn and rainbow set, nail patches, nail polish, and nail file

It comes with a set of many different types and styles that are un resistible to kids. The glow in the dark is the most interesting thing about it.

It is kids friendly and includes one bottle of non- toxic water-based top coat nail polish. This is the best and safest nail art kit having gone through all tests that prove if to meet all safety standards.

This is suitable for kids and adults too and can be an ideal present for parties.

4. SUYON Collection 100% Non-toxic Nail polish

we have evaluated many nail polish in the market and come up with the best, safe, and chemical-free nail polish. Suyon nail polish is a non – toxic nail polish that emerged to be the best for kids.

This nail polish is safe from allergic reactions and sensitive skin. It is best for nursing mothers and kids.

Suyon nail polish is the best gift you can give to a kid for a birthday party.


ZIZZON Professional Nail Care kit Manicure Grooming Set with Travel Case(Rose Gold)

Use the best nail file – choose the best nail file in the market that cannot damage your nails.                  The best nail file that I can recommend is a Professional nail care kit, its portable, and it’s less expensive having it at home than visiting the salon every time you want your nails done.

SEXY MIX Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit with UV Light, with Mini 12 Fall Colors Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, Base, and Top Coat, Nail Art Manicure Tools Kit

Use the best nail gel. Best Ways to Get Rid of Nail Ridges it gives you the best smooth appearance, it does not get off quickly like other gels. it gives you an attractive look making you feel confident and want everybody to notice. it comes with different colors and the popular nude grey.

UV LED Nail Lamp 72W, ABOX Star2 Professional Nail Dryer Lamp for Gel Polish, Quick Dry Nail Light Curing with 36PCS LED, 4 Timer Setting, LCD Display, Auto Sensor Portable Gel Lamp for Home and Salon

Use the best gel lamp-Using the best gel lamp matters a lot, this gel lamp is twice more compared to other nail dryers. it is easy to use and it takes only 10-30s to dry your UV or LED gel polish. it has a double light source UV LED technology that covers a wide UV range and works for all kinds of nail gels. this lamp is what everybody is dying for. having it at home is much better and cheaper than visiting the more expensive salon. get one today and save more.


Being neat and attractive is from the child’s upbringing. As saying goes what she learned from the beginning is what she becomes. A beautiful and neat girl is always recognized by how she behaves and does things. Let your child be confident, look good and presentable, let everybody admire the way she looks.




Best Hair Growth Tips For Men

Best Hair Growth Tips For Men

The first appearance in a man that everybody looks at is well-kept hair. Hair means everything to ladies and to men too, well-kept hair makes a man look very responsible and handsome. This can attract a lot of ladies because ladies like good looking, tidy, and neat men.

Every man’s dream is to look great in front of people and at the workplace, but this can always come after having a few steps, to enable you to get that look.

  • Choose the best style that fits you, there are many different styles a man can do considering the shape of the head and the type of hair you have.
  • It is always good not to wash and scrub your hair all the time. Many men do wash their hair every time they take a bath making it weak and breaks easily. This also makes it appear drier, it is advisable to wash it once a week and use a conditioner that makes the hair strong and healthy.

If you want to shave the beard and have a soft and smooth skin you can consider this,

Cremo beard and scruff softener is the best conditioner that helps soothe beard itch, itching of beard can be very uncomfortable and can cause skin damage.

It promotes beard growth and keeps your beard and face smelling fresh and clean. It contains natural ingredients including coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, and peppermint oil. This is the best conditioner that can make you have that desirable soft beard and scruff skin.

  • Talk to your barber, show him the design you want, you can have some pictures on your phone. If you want to try a new style you can also discuss it with him. let him give suggestions for some new products that are best for your hair.

Make sure that your barber is using the good quality and clean products, nobody wishes to visit dermatologist after a shave, he must maintain hygiene. You can also try to ask in a better way the type of disinfectant he uses to disinfect the shaver and if you have one in mind you can always share with him. For example, you can also recommend Andis Clipper Oil.

Andis clipper oil Prevents rust and corrosion on clipper and blades. It is recommended for use and after using it. It is the best in the market for shears.

  • The best shaver brings out the best results.  Buy the best shaver in the market, check its durability.  A long-lasting shaver gives you a good service than a cheaply available shaver that will only last for a while.
  • You can also consider having Wahl Hair Clipper Kit, or Gillette Pro Glide Men’s Razor this is the best shavers in the market.

Wahl Hair Clipper Kit


Wahl hair clipper kit comes with, hair clipper, detail battery trimmer, and haircutting accessories. You don’t have to buy separately, it has blades that cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Gillette pro glide men’s razor handle with 4 blade refills is the easiest shaver that one can’t use. It is best for a beard that leaves the skin smooth and soft. it is available;e and affordable, easy to clean and maintain. 


Every man’s dream is to have a good look after a clear shave a soft admirable beard and scruff. This is the looks most ladies look in a man. A well kept and a decent man always wins the heart of many. Be confident get a new look and maintain your hair. a healthy man is a wealthy man.



Be Confidence With Your Dressing Code

How to be confident and presentable with dressing code

Have you ever wonder why some people appear to be more attractive and lovable by other people?. Everywhere they go they are recognized and respected?. Here is the reason, every day during our daily activities. There are some important things we should always consider and have them in mind. If you want to become perfect in life, we should always know:-

  1. How to behave in front of people

Showing respect and having good etiquette makes people feel good interacting with you. Some people will always say I love the way she behaves, the way she handles herself and everything about her makes me feel good around her. This always makes you feel like a superhero.

     2. How to talk.

Have you ever interacted with people who always talk a lot? , they never let you finish your speech? and always interact with your conversations, which they are not even aware of?. These are the kind of people you see coming and then you feel like running away or even prefer to keep quiet and let them talk. This can make you lose friends around you, not everybody who likes this kind of behavior. In fact, they may even prefer to keep away most information from you.

      3. How to engage in a conversation that was going on.

Most people love their privacy, interfering with people’s conversation that you were not even part of is bad behavior. learn to ask may I, or can I join you, that can always make them feel more comfortable or give them a chance to change the topic if it was not suitable for you. This behavior is most common in Saloons, offices, and restaurants.

      4. How to walk.

How we walk matters a lot for our health and also for our appearance it shows how courageous and confident we are. Have you ever felt like your legs are weak and you suddenly change your walking style when walking in front of many people? This can be very uncomfortable, always try to focus in front of people put a smile on your face and be calm be yourself and don’t exaggerate, let everybody admire you as you walk with courage and confidence always know that the worst enemy is fear.

     5. How to dress

First think about the occasion if it is the office, dress decent, put on a dress, trousers or a skirt that fits you perfectly and makes you comfortable to bend or sit in front of people. Choose the best outfit that everyone will admire.

Choose the best, most comfortable, and classy shoes. Not too high that will make you feel uncomfortable while walking. The appearance of your dressing and shoes is what many people notice before anything else. Have you ever heard people discussing someone’s dressing code? how you dress matters a lot and it can really tell the type of person you are.

HOMEY Women’s Elegant Patchwork Sheath Sleeveless Business Dress B290


  • Have you tried this beautiful, elegant and classy dress?. It can be hand washed or you can also use gentle machine wash. This dress is suitable for many occasions like work, church, business.

MOLERANI Women’s Casual Swing Simple T-

Shirt Loose Dress

  • This is a perfect dress for all occasions including office it comes with many colors and many sizes
  • It is of soft fabric very comfortable and it is a super stretchy fabric.
  • It is can be hand-washed, try one today, and feel good.


LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump

The most beautiful, classy, elegant, and comfortable shoe for all occasions and can go with any dress or trousers. Get yours today at affordable prices.


ElegantPark EL-035 Women Peep Toe T-Strap Pumps Mid Heel Rhinestones Satin Evening Wedding Bridal Sandals

  • Have you just seen this classy Satin T-strap Flapper Design and Rhinestones Chain sandals?. This is the most comfortable sandals for all occasions the best you can ever get

     6. How to handle situations

Be calm, gentle, and observe the situation first before coming into the conclusion. If it is in the office or at home investigate first and take time to think about it or seek advice from an experienced person instead. Once you have all this in you, many people will be looking at you as their role model. They will always be coming to you for advice and there you go you will have achieved a lot in life.


In life, we face many challenges, but we can be able to control and overcome them. Always try your best to be happy and face situations the way they are. Be strong, confident, and courageous person, don’t let fear ruin your ability to do what you can do best.

Best Dress That Suits Your Body Size

Best Dress That Suits Your Body Size

A dress choice is something that is considered to be very important since every lady’s dream is to look good and feel attractive about what she is wearing. A dress choice might affect your self-esteem if made wrongly, for an instant if you choose a dress and put it on but when working in the office you realize you made the wrong choice. You start feeling that you don’t look presentable or decent, nobody is noticing you, or everybody is awkwardly looking at you. That’s the time you feel like you don’t want to go out for lunch and mingle with your colleagues, you just want to sit on your desk do your work and go home.

Dressing Style For Skinny Body

Avoid wearing off-shoulder dresses- off shoulder dresses show your shoulders and part of your back.  When you are skinny your bones become more noticeable than of a bigger body person, it doesn’t look good and makes you look more skinner.

Purple Women’s Retro Sleeveless Swing Casual Work Summer Party Dress with Pockets

Go for dresses with horizontal stripes or flowers as they make you look broader- This is a held belief that wearing clothes with horizontal stripes will make you look fatter and attractive.  This is the perfect design for slim laddies, it brings out that perfect beautiful and attractive look.

LALAGEN Women’s Chiffon Plus Size Ruffle Flattering Cape Sleeve Bodycon Party Pencil Dress S-XXXL


Layer your dress whenever possible to create a bulkier image -this is the perfect mixing of colors and layering. Layer a midi dress over wide-leg trousers, use a cardigan or a brazer match it with a skirt or a pair of trousers. This makes you look bigger attractive and decent Keep a consistent pop of the same color from top to bottom for a cohesive layered outfit.

This is perfect for you and you are ready to go.



LAGSHIAN Women Fashion Peplum Bodycon Short Sleeve Bow Club Ruffle Pencil Office Party Dress

chose Peplum dresses and tops they make your body look curvy- with the peplum dresses or tops they bring out the curvy part in you. This is an ideal deal for a skinny person but a no to the bigger person. putting on a peplum top with a skirt or a pair of trousers is perfect for a day.

Dressing Style for a Big Size body

You can dress even when you are fat and look attractive, bring those curves out and look perfect for that dinner, job and occasion. look yourself in a mirror and decide the part in your body you want to concentrate more on if it is your stomach concentrate on the dress and the top you put on.

Yanstar Handmade Opal Bridal Belt Silver Crystal Rhinestone Wedding Dress Belt with Satin Ribbon for Brides

 Put on a belt on your waist to bring out your curvy hips to show, put on a cardigan or layer a jacket on to upgrade your style.

Women’s Shawl Collar Striped Cardigan Long Sleeve Elbow Patch Open Front Sweater top

Try out different colors and prints, it always attracts people around you and brings out your curves especially the hips. Put on a bright belt to narrow your waist. choosing a small printed pattern tops or dress will make you look more fashionable.

SheIn Women’s Plus Size Elegant Mesh Contrast Pearl Beading Sleeve Stretchy Bodycon Pencil Dress

Try on fitting clothes and knee-length dresses or skirts they make you look less big. knee-length dresses bring out your curvy hips and don’t forget to wear high heeled shoes for a perfect match.

CDE 18K White/Rose Gold Plated Necklaces for Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Heart Pendants Embellished with Crystals from Swarovski Necklace with Exquisite Gift Box

choose the best jewels to bring out your style. pick larger jewels that will make you look more stylish than picking the small jewelry. remember any belt, slim or big will make you look good. for a handbag don’t choose a very small size handbag, choose a bigger one that goes well with your body.



Best Outfit For Dinner and Parties


Best Outfit For Dinner and parties  

ROMWE Women’s Twist Front Deep V Neck Split Hem Glitter Party Cocktail Dress

This dress is what everyone is dying for this valentine, get one today for your date, classy, elegant and affordable.


Avidlove Women Lingerie Lace Babydoll V Neck Sleepwear Strap Chemise

look sexy and attractive to him this valentine celebrate it with style with this sexy women lingerie sleepwear


Men’s Underwear, Boxer Briefs, Casual and No-Show Socks, 1-Pack

Get your man this gift Modal, Cotton and Spandex fits well, very comfortable and affordable, make him feel loved this valentine, celebrate it with love, be romantic and spice it up with these sexy underwear sets that every man would love to have, get your set today.


Pick the best gift this valentine see also 

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Reversible Dress Belt

How to Pick the Best Outfit For an Occasion

Ever got yourself unprepared or dress unfit for the occasion? worry no more, here we will learn about various dress codes and the best choice of a dress during a function, party or dinner For example, if you were to attend an interview and you got yourself wearing a dress fit for a wedding you have to choose the best color and the best dress code for the wedding. sometimes it looks awkward and one feels uncomfortable if you attend that wedding and everybody is staring at you. Do not worry after reading this article you will be able to be the perfect person on this planet earth in terms of dressing. 


Don’t wear black, white or red. For weddings which tend to be more casual, steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined for a knee-length dress in a material like cotton; in warmer weather or regions, strapless styles and open-toed shoes get the nod of approval. A simple hat also earns a thumbs-up. Lace dresses for a knee-length are also good, colors like pink and purple or any other color except white and black for small girls or even younger girls turn out to be perfect for weddings.

YiYLunneo Women’s Dress Elegant Embroidery Lace Halter Evening Party Wedding Slit Formal Long Dresses


The best wedding gown, it is lightweight, decent elegant, and supper affordable grab one today for your party.

                                            Dinner party

short or long black lace dresses, silk, or any other material worn with heels are best. it turns out perfectly for dinner dates or evening parties. Sleeveless dresses are also best or worn with a shiny cardigan or a light scuff. the perfect dress is never complete without a clutch bag. you can choose a clutch bag for any color since black goes with almost every color not very exaggerated but a simple one will do.

Envelope Wristlet Clutch Crossbody Bag with Chain Strap

this crutch bag is the ideal bag for all occasions it has a magnetic snap flap, 2 open pockets, 1 zipper pocket & 3 card slots inside get yours today.

                                 Business or Company Party

Keep things professional you are still working but with an event. never wear anything provocative. “A too-revealing outfit can prevent you from being taken seriously when it comes to job promotions. Yes, that includes the “sexy cat” costume you’ve been eyeing for the annual Halloween bash. Office wear is appropriate (provided your workplace isn’t overly casual): trousers with a refined sweater or a blouse and blazer are fine.


                                       Job Interview

No matter how casual the environment, don’t assume that it’s cool to wear jeans for an interview. A conservative dark suit is the best for both men and women. Clothing should be impeccably clean, ironed, and tailored. Under no circumstances should it be skimpy, plunging, or tight.



                                         Religious Occasion

Honor the occasion in attire that is tasteful, not stuffy. Choose an outfit that’s appropriate in a religious facility not too low-cut or clingy. Wear a little bit of color, like a bright suit or a pretty daytime dress. Long dresses that are not tight, Ankara dresses also fit well in women attending religious occasions.



If you’re in mourning, you’re in the black. What’s most important is to convey the somberness of the event, which can be accomplished with toned-down clothing in “dark neutrals, like navy, brown, and forest green. You shouldn’t be wearing anything festive or fun unless you’ve been told otherwise.


                            Good first Impression, First Date, First Visit to Inlaws

choose A conservative twin set and a skirt to show how lady-like you are. Dress true to your personality but this isn’t the time to take risks. Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself, very comfortable and flexible you wouldn’t want to feel like you are suffocating with the tight clothes that you are wearing let yourself feel relaxed and stress-free.



Every girl’s dream is to have the feeling that everyone is admiring your outfits, the way you dress tells a lot about yourself, feel the confidence to walk in front of people, feel comfortable while picking something that might fall down and feel good while interacting with people and when seated without having to pull down your dress every time. It makes people think that you did not choose the right dress or it shows a bad picture of you.




5 Best Skin Gel For Stretchmarks & Scars


After days of evaluating many skin gels, I have come to learn that having a scar, stretch marks, and saggy boobs are someone’s choice because nowadays we have several products that can be used to make us sexy and gain confidence in front of people.


Mederma Advanced Scar Gel is the best scar gel to get rid of those stubborn and old scars e.g stretchmarks.

stretchmarks and scars can make you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence in front of people, it is good to always try out a product to ease the embarrassment of being questioned by people what might have happened to the scar, for example having stretchmarks on a sleeveless dress it is very embarrassing, it makes you feel afraid and every time you pass by people you might have the feeling, all eyes are on your arms or legs.

Get rid of all these worries by trying this product.



1. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel-The Best Gel for Stretchmarks and Scars 

Mederma advanced scar gel reduces the appearance of scars, It softens keratin, the fibrous protein and smooths the skin and encourages dead skin cells to slough off.

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes, or lines that develop on the skin.
 They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and are extremely common.
 Anyone can develop stretch marks, although they tend to affect more women than men.
 They can occur on a range of body parts, including the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. This type of scarring happens when the skin cannot resume normal form after a period of intense growth, often due to pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss.
 Gets rid of stretch marks 
Mederma advanced scar gel worry no more this gel helps to get rid of stretch marks and make them disappear leaving your skin soft and smooth like it was before.
 I can guarantee you that this is the best gel I have ever tried to get rid of my stretch marks, they started fading and disappeared before my pregnancy term was over.
 with Mederma scar gel you don’t have to buy long sleeves dresses and tops all the time have that beautiful look on a sleeveless dress or top by applying the best Mederma advanced scar gel to get rid of those stretchmarks.
 Moisturizes the skin
Mederma advanced scar gel has a moisturizer and cleanser helping the skin to stay moisturized and smooth.
 Heals the operation scar If you have that operation scar Mederma gel is the best gel to apply, the scar disappears and leaves your skin healed completely.

scars can make us uncomfortable sometimes and lose confidence in the streets and the office, you can imagine having ten to twelve people in a day asking what happened to your face. Mederma advanced scar gel is here for you it makes the scar fade and disappears with time .use it without regrets and get your smooth skin back.

Oder Mederma advanced scar gel today it is available and affordable, it is also economical since it is enough for a one time therapy you don’t need to buy many packs one is just enough.

2. Divine Derriere Breast Enlargement Cream –The Best Breast and Hips Enlargement Cream Very Effective

This cream is best for ladies who want to enlarge their breasts, hips, and thighs this cream is clinically proven to stimulate the development of fatty tissue in the area where it’s applied. when used it shows a noticeable, measurable increase in the overall breast size, hips, thighs, and shape.

It enlarges your breasts, thighs, and hips giving out a sexy look, after using this cream be proud to gain confidence and wear a sexy dress to show your shape, it works wonders, try it today.

Made with natural ingredients It is made with natural ingredients, it is safe unlike other risky procedures like surgeries and does not cause any harm in the body and skin.

100% effective and safe. Sometimes it is embarrassing to have that flat chest look for a woman, you will find that most tops or dresses won’t fit you properly, it is good to stay healthy and sexy, gain that confidence in front of people with Divine Derriere breast enlargement cream it is 100% effective and safe. Put on those sexy dresses and tops and show your cleavage, buttocks, hips, and thigh.

3.Advanced Moisturizing Bruise Cream-The Best Bruise Cream for Acne Scars and Dark circles, with Natural Notoginseng, Arnica Oil, Vitamin K, Ginger, and Green Tea   Extract

Advanced moisturizing bruise cream contains natural products that are designed to accelerate your skin’s natural healing process. this cream reduces dark circles and minimizes the appearance of acne scars.

Heals and repairs Advanced moisturizing bruise cream heals and repairs the damaged skin and leaves the skin with a more vibrant and healthy look, it is safe and effective and can be used for all skin types.

This cream works perfect and a positive result is a guarantee. Try advanced moisturizing bruise cream and get rid of those scars today


4. The Best Gel for Oily Skin – La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

La RochePosay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel is used for oil skin Face skin, this cleanser helps eliminate excess oil of the face. when we eliminate excess oil on the face we give our a more youthful and young-looking skin, this is the best cleanser to get rid of any clogged dirt and oil.

This gel is effective and can be used in acne-prone face, and helps eliminate excess oil. it works perfect and the results are positive. Try this gel today and gain confidence.

5. Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream-The best Skin Firming and Toning gel, best for Normal skin With Q10 For Normal Skin – 6.7 oz. Tube

Nivea skin firming and toning body gel-cream is a cream that is medically tested and approved. it helps in firming the skin and helps the skin appear more toned, it gives the skin a smooth appearance

Nivea moisturizes the skin giving the skin a healthier look.

If you want to have a firm and a healthier skin try it with no regrets it works wonders and a positive result is noticeable within two weeks.


It is always good to walk with confidence, having a scar os a saggy stomach or boobs is not the will of a person and nobody would love to have some are accident but trying to get rid of a scar is easy and fast, all we need to do is make the right choice of the scar gel we want and the type of a scar we want to heal. for example, if it is for stretchmark you can choose Mederma advanced scar gel, for a dark circle you can choose Advanced Moisturizing Bruise Cream. be proud of yourself and get rid of scars in your body with the correct scar gel.

Best Face Cream For Acne and Scars

After evaluating many best face cream I have come out with the best face cream products. face cream products help us look good to have a youthful look and have smooth skin.

we all want to look attractive in front of people, everyone wants to be noticed and to be asked the type of face product she or he uses, it feels good to know that you are the center of attraction. try this product to have a youthful smooth skin

1. Keeva Organics Acne Treatment Cream- The Best Acne Cream With Secret TEA TREE   OIL Formula 

Keeva is a natural Tea Tree Oil acne treatment cream that works on all skin and acne types.

When the hair follicles on your skin’s surface get clogged up with oil and dead skin cells, your skin often responds with the lumps and bumps known as acne. the blockage of the sebaceous glands causes acne

Exfoliates Keeva organic acne treatment cream exfoliates removing dead and damaged cells. keeva extracts it removes damaging dirt, debris, and bacteria.

It gets rid of bacteria keeva organic treatment cream contains anti-bacteria properties that get rid of bacteria and leave the skin completely healed. it penetrates through the skin and gets rid of the marks leaving your face smooth and without acne marks, applying this cream is very easy and less messy, unlike other creams.

100 % natural keeva organic treatment is one 100 percent natural, unlike other acne treatments. It does not cause harm to the skin.

Moisturizes the skin Keeva organic cream has a moisturizer and cleanser helping the skin to stay moisturized and smooth, this helps the skin by avoiding its surface from getting clogged with oils and dead skin cells. by moisturizing your skin properly it can help firm your skin, prevent wrinkles, and make you appear younger.

Heals acne from the source keeva organic cream heals acne from the source and prevents future breakout, by applying it acne disappears completely and you don’t have to repeat the treatment again giving you a healthy smooth face.

Acne can be uncomfortable sometimes, it makes you lack confidence in front of people sometimes. you can imagine everybody asking you what’s wrong with your face? have you tried this and that product? have you visited the doctor? what did the doctor say about it? a lot of questions that can make you get sick. Don’t let people ruin your self-esteem, keeva organic cream is the best to answer all those questions try it with no regrets for a smooth healthy sexy face.


Olay Regenerist Face MoisturizerThe Best Anti-Aging Cream look young and beautiful again   

Are you worried about your skin changing because of your age? The daily stress of wrinkles on your skin especially the face? Your aging skin?No need to worry again Anti-aging moisturizer Olay Regenerist a  product that is the best at an affordable price.

The oil seamlessly blend to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier for bouncy, firm and younger-looking skin. There will be a turn around of your aging skin by removing the dead skin cells and correct the look of wrinkles.

By applying twice daily in the morning and bedtime it will improve hydration and with continued use, build skin to its strongest state to best combat everyday stress.

3.Retinol Cream Moisturizer- The Best Cream for Dry Skin, StrechMarks, and Scars 

This is the best oil to use on dry skin. If you apply twice daily it will produce visible changes of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also fade sun damage, spots, acne, scars, and stretch marks. Improve uneven tone, skin texture, and overall appearance.

Finally, it will repair, improve, and restore life back into your skin revealing your true beauty. It’s best you will not regret it.

It is one of the best products that is used in the market today with a lot of testimonials from those who have used it. Don’t hesitate to order it.


4. The Best Deep Hydration Cream for Oily and Normal Skin-     Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

This is the best oil to use on normal skin and oily skin. Your skin will be moisturized, nourished and instantly hydrated. You will have a long-lasting comfort and relieve the tightening sensation due to dry skin. Lastly, your skin will feel soft and smooth.

The amazing results will amaze you, you will confidence again on that expected conference, important meeting before people, and daily to daily schedules.

5.Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream The Best Skin Firming and Toning Cream have youthful skin with-With Q10 For Normal Skin – 6.7 oz. Tube

Nivea skin firming and toning body gel-cream is a cream that is medically tested and approved. it helps in firming the skin and helps the skin appear more toned, it gives the skin a smooth appearance.

Nivea moisturizes the skin giving the skin a healthier look.

If you want to have a firm and a healthier skin try it with no regrets it works wonders and a positive result is noticeable within two weeks.


There are so many creams, scrubs, and foot masks to choose from, but the type of treatment matters less than what’s in it. There’s a growing amount of research that suggests positive health benefits of high-quality oils, including essential oils. They’re easily absorbed into the skin, which makes them ideal for treating the tough skin on the heels and soles of the feet. Oils also tend to lock in moisture for long periods, helping skin stay moist as it heals. The key to choosing an oil (or a product made with oil) is to keep in mind your skin’s individual needs. For example, cracks and heel fissures are prone to infection, so you may want to look into the oil with an antiseptic quality. But if your skin is inflamed and needs a bit of gentle TLC, consider investing in oils that soothe sensitive skin issues.

If you’re struggling with inflamed skin, rashes, or achy feet, some of our oils or gels are soothing and works in a snap. Made with all-natural ingredients — including rich olive oil, vitamin E, hydrating squalene, and skin-boosting antioxidants — this balm helps repair broken skin tissue by cutting down healing time. In Fact, some contain a touch of clove oil, which helps improve circulation, and plantain, which boasts natural anti-itch relief.

Best Feet Cream 2020

After evaluation of so many products for one day we came up with the best repair foot cream, feet can be very uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful if not treated on time, they give a person unhealthy and uncleanness look, they can be disappointing sometimes, imagine you want to wear an open heel but your feet can not let you look sexy on those open shoes because of those cracks. men hate careless women it’s like you are neglecting your body by not taking care of it properly. It is good to appear clean, neat, and tidy that way people will respect and see you as a role model.

1. AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy, 3 Ounce Tube,   AHA Cream-The Best Foot cream for cracked heels- 

Cracked heels, also referred to as heel fissures, are a common foot condition, which can cause discomfort or even pain. They result from dry skin. Cracked heels can be painful and uncomfortable sometimes they might affect your walking style if left untreated. Cracked heel affects more women than men, in most cases cracked heel results from Wearing shoes without socks or wearing sandals and high heels that expose the skin on your feet.

Soft baby foot.AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream is the best cream that has ever tried, it heals the cracked heels and gives you a soft baby foot. Everyone would wish to have that soft and smooth feet, you can imagine having those cracked heels on open shoes dressing nicely and everybody behind you is looking at your feet and wondering how this beautiful and sexy woman has got cracked feet. don’t wait till it gets worse use the Amlactin for cracked heels cream therapy and you will have those sexy and soft smooth feet back again.

Moisturizes the skin It works miracles practically at night rub a small amount on each foot after a shower, and then put a pair of cotton socks so that the cream can absorb better, or apply it on specific dry patches at night and put on a pair of cotton socks. putting on a pair of socks helps rock in the moisture living the skin smooth and soft.

Exfoliates and hydrates AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t have a  greasy feel or a strong smell it leaves the skin moisturized it also exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

Reliefs the skin. A cracked foot can be very uncomfortable and painful it is caused by the dryness of the skin by applying Amlactin foot repair cream it brings relief to the skin. Remove contaminants like fluoride and chlorine from water

Applying AmLactin Foot Repair to the skin reduces water loss and moisturizes the skin giving it a smooth and soft touch.
Use amlactin foot repair without regrets put on those open sexy shoes with confidence

It is readily available and affordable to order yours today.

2.The Best Cream for Athletes foot, joint and muscle pain-Peppermint, Rosemary & Eucalyptus Massage & Foot Cream Organic Foot Cream for Dry Cracked Feet | Therapeutic Massage Cream | Anti-inflammatory Cream | Antifungal Foot Cream | Peppermint Foot Lotion

Are you worried about your cracked feet? Here is the solution peppermint cream is the best especially for dry skin feet. Peppermint cream contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it useful in treating an athlete’s has also properties that may help to relieve joint and muscle pain.

It helps diminish the pain of arthritis, neuropathy, shingles, sore muscles and many more

This cream will soften your hard skin, rehydrates dry heels, and help you to combat odor on feet. it works perfectly with 100 % positive results.

Put on your open heels with confidence, be proud of your feet and leg treat that muscle and joint pain with Peppermint Cream, order one today.


3.The Best Foot Scrubber- Foot File Pedicure Foot Scrubber Double-sided Callus Remover INFELING Stainless Steel Callus File Large Foot Rasp Grater for Wet and Dry Feet (3 Pack)

This is a natural way of scrubbing your feet.

This is is a pedicure tool that can thoroughly clean feet and help remove dry skin.

It can come in various forms, such as a shower scrubber, foot file, or pumice stone. By keeping your feet clean and smooth, you can improve foot and toenail health and prevent infections like athlete’s foot. The complete foot care system allows you to thoroughly clean, soften, and massage the bottom and sides of your feet from the convenience of your tub or shower. It can refresh and smooth dry, cracked feet, and thoroughly clean between the toes, which is often forgotten. The wide, gentle inner brush will massage the feet, while stiffer contoured outer bristles stimulate circulation and smooth rough skin and calluses. The podiatrist-recommended scrubber features an anti-mildew retrieval rope and suction cups for added safety.

4.The best Calloises gel –Callus Remover gel for feet, pair with pumice stone & foot bucket for a professional pedicure. Better results than, foot file, foot scrubber & callus shaver. Rid ugly callouses from feet in minutes!

Callus remover gel helps in eliminating the rough and unsightly skin caused by calluses and corns within minutes all you need to do is soak your feet in hot water apply callus remover gel scrub with a foot scrubber and there you go the dead skin will peel off.

Calluses are like backseat drivers–they mean to be helpful but they’re ultimately annoying and potentially painful. calluses can make you lack confidence in your open heels and opt for closed shoes, worry no more this is the best callus remover gel on the market that you can use and have a result of smooth amazing baby feet back. use callus remover gel today and feel proud of yourself. order one today. 



Treating and choosing the best cream for your feet is easy all you need to do is identify a good product to use, and how to use it. Take care of your legs by applying the best feet moisturizers and putting on cotton socks during bedtime. when you are completely healed and finished your treatment don’t let the problem occur again learn to protect your feet and maintain them. use products that keep your feet well moisturized. Get the best feet cream product and say goodbye to calluses and cracked feet. enjoy your baby’s feet again.