Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?- Best Idea 2021

gel top coat

Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?

Yes, it’s possible to put a gel top coat over regular nail polish, and it includes a variety of steps:

  • After applying regular nail polish, buffer the nails and let the normal polish dry.
    Once the polish has dried, apply a coat of gel topcoat, and in case any gel gets on one’s skins, wipe it before one cures the gel.
  • Cure the gel under a UV lamp for two minutes or under a Led lamp for 30 seconds.
    Wipe any tacky layer using an alcohol wipe but avoid using cotton balls since they can leave lint on one’s nails.

Beetles 2 Pcs 15ml No Wipe Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Set

Beetles gel topcoat is one of the best gel topcoats that can last up to three weeks. it has extra shine and it is a non-toxic polish that is made of safe and the best ingredients for your nails.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear – .125 oz. oz

Seche Vite is the best fast-top drying top coat that gives your nails an extra glossy shine look. It is made of the best ingredients safe for your nails.

Why use a Gel Top Coat with Regular Nail Polish

Among the key factors that may have one use a gel, topcoat improves the durability of one’s nail polish as the gel coat makes it last for about three weeks. In addition, a gel topcoat and regular nail polish prevent chipping, fading, and peeling. The process is ideal since it does not take long to get the manicure done compared to regular manicures.

The drying time is also similar to when one applies a regular manicure, and the removal process is also more straightforward. When one uses nail polish, the main goal is to have the polish stay attractive for as long as possible. Among the new methods that one can guarantee a long-term stay of one’s nail polish is to apply a gel top coat, that is more resistant to elements that lead to nail polish peeling and being scratched easily.

Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish with a Gel Top Coat

One can use a gel top coat with regular nail polish as it’s suitable to help in increasing the lifespan of regular nail polish.

There are significant advantages of using a gel top coat as it gives one a glossy appearance and guarantees that the nail polish will last longer.

The key benefits of using a gel topcoat are that they are not easily damaged and resist peeling and scratching more successfully when compared to having nail polish alone. An individual that engages in many physical activities, that guarantees plenty of friction with nails, can apply a gel topcoat.

This will ensure that they maintain their nail polish for a more extended period that is estimated to be about ten days to two weeks depending on how one applies and the brand one chooses. Gel top coat also adheres well to nail polish when used, thus the glossy appearance of one’s nails.

How to Use Both Regular and UV Gel Nail Polish Together

Putting a Gel Topcoat over Regular Polish-this is a relatively simple process that would involve one first preparing their nails to apply regular nail polish.

The preparations are different based on one’s needs or habits, but more commonly, one files the edges of their nails and clears any polish from the previous application then cleans their nails using a wet wipe. Apply a base coat and let it dry and then apply regular nail polish, let it dry, and ensure that the application is even.

After the regular polish has wholly dried well, apply a gel top coat and use a UV or Led lamp to dry the gel coat. It’s essential to use the lamps to ensure drying takes a small amount of time and that the gel coat is evenly distributed.

Using the “Gelly Sandwich” Technique

What is a gelly sandwich technique?”

The gelly sandwich technique is a method where one applies regular polish in between a gel top and base coat. The method is believed to improve the stay of regular nail polish by a few more days. The method is simple, but it requires a lot of patience as it takes plenty of time to dry off the two gel applications and the regular nail polish.

Steps to achieve a successful gelly sandwich

Applying gel coat and regular nail polish using the gelly sandwich method is not simple as it requires technique and patience. Various steps should be followed to guarantee that the application process is successful.

First, one should follow the following steps:
Shape, buff, and cleanse your nails in preparation for a manicure and apply a gel base while capping the nail tips. Cure the foundation using led or UV lamps and wipe off all the tacky layers.

Apply various coats of nail polish until the desired opacity is achieved. Wait for the nail polish to dry before application of the gel top coat completely.
Apply a gel top coat while capping the tips and cure with Led or UV lamps. Lastly, clear the tacky layer.


Application of gel top coat and regular polish is an ideal approach that one can use to ensure that their nail polish can last longer. using both makes your nail polish last long, therefore, making it very economical.


How To Easily DIY Thicken Nail Polish- Best Ideal For Nail Stamping 2021.

nail art stamping

What Is Nail Stamping?

Nail stamping may be described as the process of placing designs on one’s nails after nail polish has been applied and dried.

A unique nail stamping kit is normally used to imprint one’s nails with the design of one choice. Nail stamping can simply be put as nail art. Nail stamping may be described as a fairly young nail art technique that is becoming more common as it’s far easier than hand painting.

Nail stamping is seen as being much easier because one is not required to have exceptional nail art talent and one is not required to have a steady hand to deliver top-notch results. In some instances, nail stamping may bring about better results than hand painting even when one is an experienced nail artist. Changing and choosing designs for one’s nails is also simple with nail stamping when compared to nail painting which may require one to follow an entire process just to change the form of art present.

With nail stamping, one has a limitless form of nail art to choose from as they are already pre-designed and this feature makes it more attractive. A proper nail stamping kit for any beginner should include a scraper, stamper, and metal plates that have all the designs that one may require to apply. Nail stamping is relatively easy and it requires one to follow certain steps which include application of the nail polish onto the metal plate, pressing the stamping tool on the preferred design.

One can either use the rubber stampers that are part of the stamping kit and upon getting some experience, one could use a transparent stamp to improve on accuracy. After successfully pressing on the design, transfer the stamper on one’s nails and press to imprint the design. The method is a simple and swift way of applying art to one’s nails.

Why You Would Want To Make Your Nail Polish Thicker

About nail stamping, thicker nail polish is more ideal compared to thinner nail polish. Thick nail polish is better for nail stamping as one can develop better designs and imprints about any other form of nail polish. Thinner nail polish would also be too mobile to try and make artistic imprints as is the purpose of nail stamping.

Step By Step Guide-How to Thicken Nail Polish

There are two main approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish.

  1. First entails leaving the nail polish bottle which will naturally lead to its thickening.
  2. Exposure to air automatically thickens nail polish and this is among the best and hassle-free approaches that one could utilize to thicken their nail polish. The process is slow and requires one to be patient and keep on checking on the progress of the nail polish. Constant checking is advised as it helps one determine how fast the nail polish is thickening and whether they require to engage in additional strategies to quicken thickening.
  3. Leaving a bottle of nail polish close to a window that lets in the air is enough to have the nail polish thicken in a few days. The quantity and quality of the nail polish will determine how fast it’s able to thicken and how usable it will be once it has thickened. One should not leave the nail polish in direct sunlight as this will affect the quality of its color and quality.
  4. The second thickening approach involves adding a thickening agent and most preferably the xanthan gum powder as it is among the most effective and safe agents for thickening nail polish. The agent will quickly make the nail polish thicken and one can determine their preferred thickness by trying to apply the polish on a surface or their nails. One could use a small spoon to make proper measurements of the agent as it is indeed directly to the nail polish.

How the Methods Work

As noted above, thickening of nail polish is fairly easy for either of the approaches since they are simple and direct. In the first approach, one requires to leave a nail polish bottle open for a few days or hours depending on how thick they want the polish. The main issue with this approach is ensuring that no insects get into the bottle as well as avoiding direct sunlight which will affect the quality of the polish.

The second approach involves directly adding a thickening agent to the nail polish and waiting for the thickening process to take over. The most vital detail regarding using the thickening agent is for one to use a suitable amount as well as getting the right agent for the perfect results.

Poly Extension Nail Gel,


MEET ACROSS Clear Extension Gel Quick Building Gel Nail Thickening Solution for Women Trendy Nail Art Design, Salon, Beginners, Professional, 60ml

Thickening Agent for Nail Polish

There are various thickening agents that one could use to thicken their nail polish but among the best and most recommended is the Xanthan gum powder which is mainly made from corn, soy, and wheat thus is user-friendly and chemical-free.

The agent is directly added to the nail polish and the process begins immediately the agent is in contact with the polish. To guarantee even distribution of the nail polish, one should roll the nail polish bottle a couple of times after placing the agent.

The agent is highly effective and the thickness of the polish can be constantly checked as one can apply the polish on a surface to determine whether the thickness is ideal for their application. Selecting a thickening agent is key as certain agents are less effective and may tamper with the quality of the polish. Xanthan gum powder has been proved to also work on food products such as jam thus its efficiency is not in doubt.


Nail stamping is the new form of creating nail art and it’s a simple and easy-to-apply process that allows, one to create beautiful and diverse art without having to be necessarily skilled and experienced in nail art. Nail art requires the nail polish to be thick to avoid spilling as well as having a stable platform on which to create art and designs. Thickening of nail polish can be achieved by adding a thickening agent or letting a nail polish bottle open.

The 10 Best Face Wipes For Acne-Prone Skin

face wipe

What is a face wipe?

A face wipe is a beauty product or tool that is mostly used for facial cleansing. The face wipe is mainly used to remove makeup, dirt, or oil from one’s face without having to use water.

What to consider while choosing the best face wipe

When looking for a face wipe, there are certain things that one should look for to ensure that they get the best wipe. The first one must have a look at the ingredients of the face wipe to ensure that they suit their skin type. Different wipes are developed for different skins thus ingredients are important to review before settling for a face wipe. One should also review what changes the face wipe will bring onto one’s face for instance it may hydrate, soothe or cleanse one’s skin thus these are some of the qualities that one should look for in a face wipe.

How to use a face wipe

Using a face wipe requires one to have the proper sweeping technique and the most recommended wiping from the middle moving outwards. This movement ensures that most of the makeup or oil being wiped off can be gotten off and one can cover both their hairline and jawline. One requires to start with the eyes especially when one is removing makeup. One should also use as many facial wipes as possible to completely cleanse their skin.

Advantages of using a face wipe

The main benefits of using a face wipe include being able to completely remove makeup, removal of dead skin without irritation, and smoothening and brightening of the skin.

Obagi Medical On the Go Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes

These are the most refreshing and moisturizing wipes that are very soft, pre-moistened, textured wipes. They remove excess oil, makeup, dirt, and other impurities. . It contains antioxidants that defend the skin against environmental impurities and stress factors.

Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes

Josie bear naked wipes are best for sensitive skin, they are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free. They are Natural argan wipes infused with aloe vera, Argan Oil, and cucumber. They are soft and tender and leave a refreshing feeling when used.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Oil-Free Cleansing Face Wipes

La Roche face wipes are best for oily skin, they cleanse away oil and pore-clogging impurities leaving your skin fresh and smooth. They are best recommended for oily/shiny skin and enlarged pores

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelette Wipes

Burt’s bees facial wipes are best for oily normal skin and are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested making them safe for sensitive skin use. They remove excess pore-clogging, dirt, oil, and makeup, they leave the skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed when used.

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Fighting Facial Wipes

Yes tomatoes facial wipes are recommended for fighting acne and blemishes. They contain powerful ingredients that are proven to help heal and clear skin regimen, daily clarifying cleanser, and deep pore scrub

20% Glycolic Acid Pads and Exfoliating Face Cleansing Wipes for Targeted Adult Acne Treatment

Cleanse your face and get rid of acne with glycolic wipes that are safe for all skin types. These facial wipes are engineered with medical-grade botanicals to eliminate scarring, minimize discolouration, erase age spots, and stop cellular damage from reoccurring. These are the best wipes to use for smooth beautiful skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Wipes

Hello Cider wipes are made in the USA and tested to be safe for all skin types. These wipes are infused w/ six organic hydrosol (no oils) of Rose Geranium, Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Rose Geranium, Chamomile & Lemon Grass. These is an i deal gift for a mom an teens.

Stridex, Single-Step Acne Control, Maximum, Alcohol-Free, 90 Soft Touch Pads

stridex wipes is the best wipe that helps to control acne. when used it removes all the dirt and make up leaving your skin fresh and smooth. The wipes are alcohol free and are very soft to pamper your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads 

peter thomas pds contain Salicylic Acid to help clear up active acne blemishes and prevent future breakouts while Glycolic Acid exfoliates to help improve the look of fine lines. These wipes cleans ou every dirt and makeup. If dryness or peeling occur, reduce use to once a day or every other day

OXY Acne Medication Cleansing Pads

Oxy pads are best for acne prone skin , they penetrate deep into the pores where acne starts and clears all the dirt and unclogs pores to fight blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. This is the best wipe recommeded to get rid of acne.


The use of facial wipes is important, especially when removing makeup which must be done in a people way to prevent the clogging of skin pores. One should review the ingredients of a face wipe before using it to cleanse their face.


9 Best Sunscreen For Your Skin

sunscreen lotion

what is sunscreen lotion?

A sunscreen which is also referred to as suntan lotion is a form of a lotion that reflects ultraviolet radiation and in the process prevents sunburn.

Dermatologist recommendations

Sunscreen acts as a shield that prevents sunburn and some of the ingredients which include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are key in creating the shield. The safest and dermatologist approved sunscreen that can be regarded as the best including The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 which is used on the body and the Vive Sana Daily Protezione SPF 30 which is applied on the face.

Most dermatologists recommend that one should use a sunscreen that is with an SPF of 30 and above and this guarantees that 97% of sun rays are blocked. Dermatologists also recommended sunscreens with a broad spectrum as they prevent a large array of rays.

Advantages of using a sunscreen

They are considered among the best as they are non-toxic and clean. These are mineral-based, are water-resistant, and have a broad spectrum which means they can block a variety of rays; UVA and UVB rays. In addition to preventing sunburns, these sunscreens also nourish the skin.

What to consider when choosing the best sunscreen

When selecting the best sunscreen to apply, one should first consider a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Secondly, one must consider their skin type, for instance, an individual with dry skin should opt for a sunscreen that has moisturizing properties, and for one with oily skin, they should search the one with a matte finish.

Hawaiian Tropic Matte Effect Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30, 6 ounce

Hawaiian lotion gives out sun protection of 30.0. It is a lightweight formula that is made of naturally sourced sea minerals. It is a mineral-enriched formula that offers broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection and gives out a matte finish.

Vichy LiftActiv Sunscreen

Vichy lift activ  is a unique product that contains a Peptide-C Face Moisturizer with SPF 30, Anti Aging Face Cream with Peptides & Vitamin C to Brighten & Firm Skin, Reduce Wrinkles & Dark Spots. It is the best product to use for skin protection.

Hawaiian Tropic AntiOxidant+ Sunscreen Lotion

Hawaiian tropic lotion helps to prevent skin damage and skin aging. It is made of the best products, tested for skin sensitivity, it contains the best fragrances that bring out a good essence when applied.

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Face Lotion

This lotion is best for those who like natural products, it is made of Broad Spectrum and it is  Natural  with UVA/UVB Protection | 1.7 oz. This is one of the best lotions to carry while going swimming it is enriched with Zinc Oxide and is Hypoallergenic, Gluten, and Cruelty making your skin stay moisturized and smooth.

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen

Australian gold botanical lotion helps to protect your skin from the sun, leaving it smooth and soft it is a waterproof lotion and Fragrance-Free for use on most delicate and sensitive skin.

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Spray

This sun bum protect and helps the skin stay moisturized throughout. It is the best spray that is Vegan and Reef Friendly (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free) Broad Spectrum Moisturizing UVA/UVB Sunscreen with Vitamin E | 6 oz , stay comfortable and enjoy sunlight with no worries apply it 15 min before sun exposure.

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection SPF 50 Body Shield, 4 fl. oz.

The best and affordable lotion in the market it is  antioxidant-rich mineral sunscreen formula which includes specialty ingredients such as chamomile extract and rich shea butter esters for an elegant and best protection of your skin.

Julep No Excuses Invisible Facial Sunscreen

Thi is  a unique lotion that can be worn under make up to protect you from harmful rays. It is affordable and it is a Face Moisturizer With Vitamin E, 1 Fl Oz, it leaves your skin moisturized and smooth when applied.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen Milk Body & Face Sunscreen Lotion

La Roche lotion provide total protection of the skin from the harmful rays . it is an absorbing body and face lotion that leaves skin hydrated & smooth.


Sunscreens are an important product as they possess health benefits and guarantee that one is safe from sunburns and damaging of the skin via sunlight rays.

9 Top Best Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions

These are cosmetic makeup that is applied to enhance the length of one’s natural eyelashes. In addition to adding more length, the fullness, thickness, and color of eyelashes are hugely improved when one puts eyelash extensions. These eyelashes may be created using horsehair, human hair, silk, synthetic, and mink. One may also attach eyelashes when they want to enhance the color of their eyelashes as well as the general shape of the eyes. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions

These eyelashes are made of PBT (synthetic material). The material that is used to create this eyelash is unique as it has great shape memory, barely deforms, and has high heat and chemical resistance thus lasts for a longer period. The material utilized to create this eyelash extension is flexible and at the same time soft. Animal fur is not used to create these eyelashes and they have only been named mink as the eyelashes are as soft as mink hair. 

Silk eyelash extensions

 These eyelashes are also made of PBT but their main difference between silk and mink eyelashes is the general shape, weight, and finish made for both types of eyelashes. Silk eyelashes have a natural sift finish and two-thirds of the eyelash is tapered. Silk lashes often have a longer taper thus appear thinner when compared to mink eyelashes. Silk lashes also contain a full matte finishing to give the eyelashes a more natural look. 

Synthetic eyelash extensions

These are the firmest eyelashes based on the polished acrylic material that is used in developing these eyelashes. Additionally, they appear shinier about the mink and silk eyelash extensions. These are regarded as the most common type of eyelashes that ladies use as they normally hold the curl well as they are firm as compared to other types of eyelashes. 

 Application Process for eyelashes extensions

One can follow five simple steps to apply their eyelashes. First is complete preparation of the natural eyelashes which involves washing as well as the application of the preferred eyeliner, eye shadow, and lastly, curl the lashes. The second is applying glue on the eyelashes and awaiting the eyelashes to dry up. Next is placing the strip to one’s lash line and press to fix it well. Lastly, one should apply black eyeliner to hide the lash strip. 

How to apply eyelashes

Application of eyelashes-the basic steps that need to be followed when applying eyelashes include:

  1. Applying your lash glue strategically
  2. Use a mirror 
  3. Use eyeliner to camouflage the strip’s band

What To Look For In Natural False Lashes

There are certain elements that one should check when they purchase a natural false eyelash and they include the weight, details, and shape of the eyelash. 

The Benefits of putting on eyelashes extensions

There are certain benefits of using eyelash extensions including enhanced beauty as one appears more youthful and enables one to enhance their natural beauty. Secondly, the application of eyelash extensions can be time-saving for individuals that take time to make their eyelashes. Another great benefit of using eyelash extensions is that, unlike other beauty products which cause harm. Putting eyelashes is not an invasive process and it’s additionally safe. The use of eyelashes guarantees one lift throughout the day as it’s tough for natural eyelashes to remain curled throughout the day. 

The Drawbacks

Numerous risks and drawbacks are associated with using eyelash extensions and they include the risk of infection which normally affects the cornea, secondly, there is skin irritation around the eyelid area. Last is the loss of eyelashes especially when the glue is applied wrongly or when one takes it off in the wrong way. Swelling is also a common drawback that is associated with the presence of an infection. 

Velour Mink Lashes

These are false eyelashes made of cotton that are impressive quality, offer great comfort, and have great detail. The eyelashes can be used up to 25 times when well maintained and can easily be applied. The eyelashes are ideal for parties, photoshoots and can also be worn during the day or time. The eyelashes are comfortable and guarantee no irritation. 

Ardell Natural Multipack

This is a black eyelash that is made of human hair that has unique features that include being lightweight, guarantee comfort, have rounded lash style, waterproof, reusable, and can be worn both day and night. The eyelashes are affordable and they offer long service when well maintained. The eyelashes are well curved to give one a natural and bold look. 

Kiss Products Multipack

These are mink eyelashes that only come in black color. The multipack has five sets of eyelashes that guarantee long-term service. The eyelashes have a slight flare and are lengthy and they can blend well with one’s natural eyelashes. The eyelashes use tapered end technology and thus application is simple and swift. The eyelashes are top quality and they allow women to try out different styles.

ELF Dramatic False Lash Kit

These are affordable eyelashes that come in dramatic lash color. The dramatic false lash kit includes an adhesive gel, dramatic lashes as well as diamond lashes. The eyelashes are simple to apply and the removal process is also quick. The dramatic false lash kit also comes with a contour tray where one has the chance to reshape their eyelashes after removal. 

LASHVIEW Individual Lashes Kit

This is a unique set of eyelashes that has unique features that include being simple to apply, are reusable, quick grafting comes with a sensitive glue that prevents burns and safeguards against sensitivity. The quick grafting enables one to make several lash designs based on their desires. 

Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash

These are eyelashes that are made of human hair and are highly unique since they contain multi-magnet technology, its waterproof, its re-usable, and offer one natural and soft look. 

Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash

These are knot-free eyelashes that have a natural look as they are permanently curled and waterproof thus they can be utilized in the rainy season. These eyelashes can be used up to 15 times. 

MAC 33 Lash

These are high-quality eyelashes that are accessible at affordable prices. The eyelashes are thin but can last for long periods when well maintained. 

Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles Lashes

This is a high quantity eyelash that appears vivid and shiny. These eyelashes are highly durable as they are made of soft material that is easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. These eyelashes come with a 100% guarantee and they also come with eyelash tweezers. 

How to Make Your Hair Thicker and Strong 2021

Hair Thicker and Strong

Make Your Hair Thicker and Stronger fast with these products

There are a variety of strategies that one could apply when they need to make their  Hair Thicker and Strong such as: 

  1. Vitamin intake
  2. Avoid excessive heat when styling
  3. Use the best shampoo
  4. Massage your scalp regularly 
  5. Always add protein to your diet
  6. Trim your hair regularly
  7. Hydrate and condition your hair frequently
  8. Focus on scalp care

A variety of products can also be used to make hair Hair Thicker and Strong and they include:

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement

This is a product that comes in the form of capsules containing vitamin c and hyaluronic acid that enables the hair to get stronger and reduce hair shedding. One is required to ingest four capsules of neutral each day the product works by dealing with the elements such as stress that lead to hair thinning. The product is designed for women and it indicates around 79% of women get good results when they utilize this product. The product is expert-approved and is also backed by clinical research. 

Moon Juice

This is a product developed for improving the strength and thickness of hair when used daily. The product contains vitamins, plant extracts, biotin, saw palmetto, and minerals that make Hair Thicker and Strong. The product works by reducing stress as well as minimizing the impacts of oxidative stress. One is required to take four capsules of the product each day. It has been clinically proven to protect hair follicles, build strength and reduce stress.

Viviscal Hair Supplements

This is a product designed for women to improve hair growth and nourish thinning hair. The product is ideal since it is drug-free, is made up of natural ingredients, has scientific backing, is easy to apply, and can be used on all hair types. The product improves hair strength and makes Hair Thicker and Strong from within by having vitamin supplements that naturally nourish the hair. 


Ouai Hair Supplement

This is a product that also comes in the form of capsules that have to be ingested daily. One is required to ingest one capsule each day to give their hair the healthy growth support it needs. The overall effect of using this product is that one will have Thicker and Strong hair and these results can be seen after 90 days of using the product. The product provides keratin to the body which helps in building healthier and longer hair.


Redken Mega Mask

This is a hair product designed for two purposes: treatment of damaged hair and care extender for damaged hair. The key benefits of this product include the fortification of the hair and deep conditioning for hair. The product is used every third wash and it’s normally applied to towel-dried hair after which it’s rinsed after being left on for about five minutes. The product contains soy protein that adds structure to the hair, arginine for scalp stimulation, and sepicap for restoring and making Hair Thicker and Strong.


This is a product designed for damaged hair as its main purpose is restoring damaged hair and restoring bonds within hair and scalp. The product comes in the form of a liquid and is applied at least once per week for optimum results. Additionally, it’s affordable and can be used on any type of hair. The product is sulfate-free and paraben-free and will always leave the Hair Thicker and Strong. 


Ouai Treatment Masque

This is a creamy product that is designed to help people with straight, damaged, coarse, curly, wavy, and dry hair. The product creates a mask on the hair that has the overall effect of making hair stronger and softer.

Application is simple since one only requires to apply the cream on the hair and spread it through the hair with their hands. The cream should be left on for about ten minutes and rinsed afterward. 


Amika Soulfood


This is a hair nourishing product designed for dry hair. The product comes in three scents: amber, vanilla, and citrus. The product is designed to condition and hydrate the hair and in the end, restore hair to its natural health. It also improves shine and elasticity when used weekly as a treatment and daily as a conditioner.


Carol’s Daughter

This is a product that creates a mask when applied to one’s hair and works by deploying hydrating delicate and chemically treated hair. The product is ideal for curly hair and mainly works by reducing breakage. 

Olive Fruit Oil

This is a hair product designer of both men and women with damaged hair. The product deeply moisturizes one’s hair and when applied should be left on for between ten to fifteen minutes after which it’s rinsed off. The product leaves the hair with a silky look and strengthens the end of the hair thus reducing breakages. 

Moroccanoil Treatment


This hair product comes in the form of oil designed to treat damaged and dry hair. The product contains argan oil, vitamins, and vitamins that leave the hair smoother and improves manageability. Hair management becomes simpler as the oil makes hair detangle and dry faster. In addition to improving the shine on one’s hair, it also controls frizz and makes Hair Thicker and Strong.


Briogeo Farewell frizz

This is a product that focuses on dealing with hair frizz and drying. Additionally, the product can be used on damaged, dehydrated hair as well as protect from UV light damage. The main benefits of this product include enhancing shine,  protection from heat, and moisturizing the hair making the Hair Thicker and Strong.

The benefits are possible as the product contains a variety of exceptional and natural ingredients that include rosehip oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and radish seed extract. The product is natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free.

Oribe Gold Dust

This is an oil hair product that is designed for all hair types. The product moisturizes, smoothes, and strengthens hair as well as improving shine and making Hair Thicker and Strong. Additionally, the oil offers UV and thermal protection as well as improving the general health of the hair. The product can either be used as a shampoo or a protection agent before blow-drying hair. 

Magic Elixir


This is a dairy-free oily hair product designed to restructure damaged hair. The product is ideal for all hair and scalp types and works by nourishing the roots of the hair allowing for the overall structure of the hair and the scalp making the Hair Thicker and Strong.



Ritual Hair Oil

This is a natural and oily hair product that is created for dry, regular, and oily hair. The main benefits of this product include making Hair Thicker and Strong taming frizz, infusing moisture, repairing damaged hair strands, imparting shine, and transforming hair to give it a healthier look. 


Be Confidence With Your Dressing Code 2021

How to be confident and presentable with dressing code


Have you ever wonder why some people appear to be more attractive and lovable by other people?. Everywhere they go they are recognized and respected?. Here is the reason, every day during our daily activities. There are some important things we should always consider and have in mind. If you want to become perfect in life, we should always know:-

  1. How to behave in front of people

Showing respect and having good etiquette make people feel good interacting with you. Some people will always say I love the way she behaves, the way she handles herself and everything about her makes me feel good around her. This always makes you feel like a superhero.

     2. How to talk.

Have you ever interacted with people who always talk a lot? , they never let you finish your speech? and always interact with your conversations, which they are not even aware of?. These are the kind of people you see coming and then you feel like running away or even prefer to keep quiet and let them talk. This can make you lose friends around you, not everybody who likes this kind of behavior. In fact, they may even prefer to keep away most information from you.

      3. How to engage in a conversation that was going on.

Most people love their privacy, interfering with people’s conversation that you were not even part of is bad behavior. learn to ask may I, or can I join you, that can always make them feel more comfortable or give them a chance to change the topic if it was not suitable for you. This behavior is most common in Saloons, offices, and restaurants.

      4. How to walk.

How we walk matters a lot for our health and also for our appearance it shows how courageous and confident we are. Have you ever felt like your legs are weak and you suddenly change your walking style when walking in front of many people? This can be very uncomfortable, always try to focus in front of people put a smile on your face and be calm be yourself and don’t exaggerate, let everybody admire you as you walk with courage and confidence always know that the worst enemy is fear.

     5. How to dress

First think about the occasion if it is the office, dress decent, put on a dress, trousers or a skirt that fits you perfectly and makes you comfortable to bend or sit in front of people. Choose the best outfit that everyone will admire.

Choose the best, most comfortable, and classy shoes. Not too high that will make you feel uncomfortable while walking. The appearance of your dressing and shoes is what many people notice before anything else. Have you ever heard people discussing someone’s dressing code? how you dress matters a lot and it can really tell the type of person you are.

HOMEY Women’s Elegant dress Patchwork Sheath Sleeveless Business Dress B290

  • Have you tried this beautiful, elegant and classy dress?. It can be hand washed or you can also use gentle machine wash. This dress is suitable for many occasions like work, church, business.

MOLERANI Women’s dress Casual Swing Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress

  • This is a perfect dress for all occasions including office it comes in many colors and many sizes
  • It is of soft fabric very comfortable and it is a super stretchy fabric.
  • It is can be hand-washed, try one today, and feel good.

LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump shoes

The most beautiful, classy, elegant, and comfortable shoe for all occasions and can go with any dress or trousers. Get yours today at affordable prices.


ElegantPark EL-035 Women Peep Toe T-Strap Pumps Mid Heel Rhinestones Satin Evening Wedding Bridal Sandals

  • Have you just seen this classy Satin T-strap Flapper Design and Rhinestones Chain sandals?. These is the most comfortable sandals for all occasions the best you can ever get

     6. How to handle situations

Be calm, gentle, and observe the situation first before coming to a conclusion. If it is in the office or at home investigate first and take time to think about it or seek advice from an experienced person instead. Once you have all this in you, many people will be looking at you as their role model. They will always be coming to you for advice and there you go you will have achieved a lot in life.


In life, we face many challenges, but we can be able to control and overcome them. Always try your best to be happy and face situations the way they are. Be a strong, confident, and courageous person, don’t let fear ruin your ability to do what you can do best.

Best Dress That Suits Your Body Size

The best dress choice is something that is considered to be very important since every lady’s dream is to look good and feel attractive about what she is wearing. A dress choice might affect your self-esteem if made wrongly, for an instant if you choose a dress and put it on but when working in the office you realize you made the wrong choice. You start feeling that you don’t look presentable or decent, nobody is noticing you, or everybody is awkwardly looking at you. That’s the time you feel like you don’t want to go out for lunch and mingle with your colleagues, you just want to sit on your desk do your work, and go home.

The Best Dress For Skinny Body

Avoid wearing off-shoulder dresses- off-shoulder dresses show your shoulders and part of your back.  When you are skinny your bones become more noticeable than a bigger body person, it doesn’t look good and makes you look more skinner.

Purple Women’s Retro Sleeveless dress Swing Casual Work Summer Party Dress with Pockets

Go for dresses with horizontal stripes or flowers as they are the best dress to make you look broader- This is a held belief that wearing clothes with horizontal stripes will make you look fatter and attractive.  This is the perfect design for slim laddies, it brings out that perfect beautiful and attractive look.

LALAGEN Women’s Chiffon Plus Size dress -Ruffle Flattering Cape Sleeve Bodycon Party Pencil Dress S-XXXL


Layer your best dress whenever possible to create a bulkier image -this is the perfect mixing of colors and layering. Layer a midi dress over wide-leg trousers, use a cardigan or a brazer match it with a skirt or a pair of trousers. This makes you look bigger attractive and decent Keep a consistent pop of the same color from top to bottom for a cohesive layered outfit.

This is perfect for you and you are ready to go.

LAGSHIAN Women Fashion Peplum dress -Bodycon Short Sleeve Bow Club Ruffle Pencil Office Party Dress

Choose  Peplum as your best dress and tops they make your body look curvy- with the peplum dresses or tops they bring out the curvy part in you. This is an ideal deal for a skinny person but a no to the bigger person. Putting on a peplum top with a skirt or a pair of trousers is perfect for a day.

Dressing Style for a Big Size body

You can dress even when you are huge and look attractive, bring those curves out and look perfect for that dinner, job and occasion. look yourself in a mirror and decide the part in your body you want to concentrate more on if it is your stomach concentrate on the dress and the top you put on.

Yanstar Handmade Opal Bridal Belt Silver Crystal Rhinestone Wedding Dress Belt with Satin Ribbon for Brides

Put on a belt with the best dress on your waist to bring out your curvy hips to show, put on a cardigan, or layer a jacket on to upgrade your style.

Women’s Shawl Collar Striped Cardigan Long Sleeve Elbow Patch Open Front Sweater top

Try out different colors and prints, it always attracts people around you and brings out your curves especially the hips. Put on your best dress with a bright belt to narrow your waist. choosing a small printed pattern top or dress will make you look more fashionable.

SheIn Women’s Plus Size Dress Elegant Mesh Contrast Pearl Beading Sleeve Stretchy Bodycon Pencil Dress.

Try on fitting clothes and knee-length dresses or skirts they make you look less big. The best dress is a knee-length dress, it brings out your curvy hips. Put it on with high-heeled shoes for a perfect match.

CDE 18K White/Rose Gold Plated Necklaces for Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Heart Pendants Embellished with Crystals from Swarovski Necklace with Exquisite Gift Box

choose the best jewels to bring out your style. pick larger jewels that will make you look more stylish than picking the small jewelry. remember any belt, slim or big will make you look good. for a handbag don’t choose a very small size handbag, choose a bigger one that goes well with your body.



Best Outfit For Dinner and parties


ROMWE Women’s Cocktail Dress Twist Front Deep V Neck Split Hem Glitter Party 

This dress is what everyone is dying for this valentine, it is the best outfit for dinner and parties to get one today for your date, classy, elegant, and affordable.


Avidlove Women Lingerie Lace Babydoll V Neck Sleepwear Strap Chemise

look sexy and attractive to him this valentine celebrate it with style with this sexy women lingerie sleepwear


Men’s Underwear, Boxer Briefs, Casual and No-Show Socks, 1-Pack

Get your man this gift Modal, Cotton and Spandex fits well, very comfortable and affordable, make him feel loved this valentine, celebrate it with love, be romantic and spice it up with these sexy underwear sets that every man would love to have this, get your set today.


Pick the best gift this valentine see also 

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Reversible Dress Belt

How to Pick the Best Outfit For Dinner and Parties

Ever got yourself unprepared or dress unfit for the occasion? worry no more, here we will learn about various dress codes and the best choice of a dress during a function, party, or dinner For example, if you were to attend an interview and you got yourself wearing a dress fit for a wedding you have to choose the best color and the best dress code for the wedding. sometimes it looks awkward and one feels uncomfortable if you attend that wedding and everybody is staring at you. Do not worry after reading this article you will be able to be the perfect person on this planet earth in terms of dressing. 


Don’t wear black, white, or red. For weddings that tend to be more casual, steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined for a knee-length dress in a material like cotton; in warmer weather or regions, strapless styles and open-toed shoes get the nod of approval. A simple hat also earns a thumbs-up. Lace dresses for knee-length are also good, colors like pink and purple or any other color except white and black for small girls or even younger girls turn out to be the best outfit for dinner and parties.

YiYLunneo Women’s Dress Elegant Embroidery Lace Halter Evening Party Wedding Slit Formal Long Dresses

The best wedding gown is lightweight, decent elegant, and supper affordable grab one today it is the best outfit for dinner and parties.

                                            Dinner party

Short or long black lace dresses, silk, or any other material worn with heels are the best outfit for dinner and parties. It turns out perfectly for dinner dates or evening parties. Sleeveless dresses are also best or worn with a shiny cardigan or a light scuff. the perfect dress is never complete without a clutch bag. you can choose a clutch bag for any color since black goes with almost every color not very exaggerated but a simple one will do.

Envelope Wristlet Clutch Crossbody Bag with Chain Strap

This crutch bag is the ideal bag for all occasions, it is the best outfit for dinner and parties. It has a magnetic snap flap, 2 open pockets, 1 zipper pocket & 3 card slots inside get yours today.

                                 Business or Company Party

Keep things professional you are still working but with an event. never wear anything provocative. “A too-revealing outfit can prevent you from being taken seriously when it comes to job promotions. choose the best outfit for dinner and parties. Office wear is appropriate (provided your workplace isn’t overly casual): trousers with a refined sweater or a blouse and blazer are fine.


                                       Job Interview

No matter how casual the environment, don’t assume that it’s cool to wear jeans for an interview. A conservative dark suit is the best for both men and women. Clothing should be impeccably clean, ironed, and tailored. Under no circumstances should it be skimpy, plunging, or tight.



                                         Religious Occasion

Honor the occasion in attire that is tasteful, not stuffy. Choose an outfit that’s appropriate in a religious facility not too low-cut or clingy don’t choose the best outfit for dinner and parties. Wear a little bit of color, like a bright suit or a pretty daytime dress. Long dresses that are not tight, Ankara dresses also fit well in women attending religious occasions.



If you’re in mourning, you’re in the black. What’s most important is to convey the somberness of the event, which can be accomplished with toned-down clothing in “dark neutrals, like navy, brown, and forest green. You shouldn’t be wearing anything festive or fun unless you’ve been told otherwise.


                            Good first Impression, First Date, First Visit to Inlaws

choose A conservative twin set and a skirt to show how lady-like you are. Dress true to your personality but this isn’t the time to take risks and choose the best outfit for dinner and parties. Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself, very comfortable, and flexible you wouldn’t want to feel like you are suffocating with the tight clothes that you are wearing let yourself feel relaxed and stress-free.



Every girl’s dream is to have the feeling that everyone is admiring your outfits, the way you dress tells a lot about yourself, feel the confidence to walk in front of people if it a party choose the best outfit for dinner and parties, feel comfortable while picking something that might fall down, and feel good while interacting with people and when seated without having to pull down your dress every time. It makes people think that you did not choose the right dress or it shows a bad picture of you.




5 Best Skin Gel For Stretchmarks & Scars

best skin gelsAfter days of evaluating many skin gels, I have come to learn that having a scar, stretch marks, and saggy boobs is someone’s choice because nowadays we have the best skin gels products that can be used to get rid of scars and stretch marks fast.


Mederma Advanced Scar Gel is the best scar gel to get rid of those stubborn and old scars e.g stretchmarks.

stretchmarks and scars can make you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence in front of people, it is good to always try out the best skin gels product to ease the embarrassment of being questioned by people about what might have happened to the scar, for example having stretchmarks on a sleeveless dress it is very embarrassing, it makes you feel afraid and every time you pass by people you might have the feeling, all eyes are on your arms or legs.

Get rid of all these worries by trying out the best skin gels



1. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel– This is one of the Best skin Gels for Stretchmarks and Scars 

Mederma advanced scar gel voted as one of the best skin gels reduces the appearance of scars, It softens keratin, the fibrous protein and smooths the skin, and encourages dead skin cells to slough off.

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes, or lines that develop on the skin.
 They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and are extremely common.
 Anyone can develop stretch marks, although they tend to affect more women than men.
 They can occur on a range of body parts, including the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. This type of scarring happens when the skin cannot resume normal form after a period of intense growth, often due to pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss.

 Gets rid of stretch marks 

Mederma advanced scar gel worry no more this gel helps to get rid of stretch marks and make them disappear leaving your skin soft and smooth like it was before.
 I can guarantee you that this is the best gel I have ever tried to get rid of my stretch marks, they started fading and disappeared before my pregnancy term was over.
 with Mederma scar gel you don’t have to buy long sleeves dresses and tops all the time have that beautiful look on a sleeveless dress or top by applying the best Mederma advanced scar gel to get rid of those stretchmarks.

 Moisturizes the skin

Mederma advanced scar gel has a moisturizer and cleanser helping the skin to stay moisturized and smooth.
 Heals the operation scar If you have that operation scar Mederma gel is the skin best gels to apply, the scar disappears and leaves your skin healed completely.

scars can make us uncomfortable sometimes and lose confidence in the streets and the office, you can imagine having ten to twelve people in a day asking what happened to your face. Mederma advanced scar gel is here for you it makes the scar fade and disappears with time .use it without regrets and get your smooth skin back.

Oder Mederma advanced scar gel today is available and affordable, it is also economical since it is enough for a one-time therapy you don’t need to buy many packs one is just enough.

2. Divine Derriere Breast Enlargement CreamThe Best Breast and Hips Enlargement Cream Very Effective

This cream is best for ladies who want to enlarge their breasts, hips, and thighs this cream is clinically proven to stimulate the development of fatty tissue in the area where it’s applied. when used it shows a noticeable, measurable increase in the overall breast size, hips, thighs, and shape.

It enlarges your breasts, thighs, and hips giving out a sexy look, after using this cream be proud to gain confidence and wear a sexy dress to show your shape, it works wonders, try it today.

Made with natural ingredients It is made with natural ingredients, it is safe unlike other risky procedures like surgeries, and does not cause any harm to the body and skin.

100% effective and safe. Sometimes it is embarrassing to have that flat chest look for a woman, you will find that most tops or dresses won’t fit you properly, it is good to stay healthy and sexy, gain that confidence in front of people with Divine Derriere breast enlargement cream it is 100% effective and safe. Put on those sexy dresses and tops and show your cleavage, buttocks, hips, and thigh.

3.Advanced Moisturizing Bruise CreamThe Best Bruise Cream for Acne Scars and Dark circles, with Natural Notoginseng, Arnica Oil, Vitamin K, Ginger, and Green Tea   Extract

Advanced moisturizing bruise cream contains natural products that are designed to accelerate your skin’s natural healing process. this cream reduces dark circles and minimizes the appearance of acne scars.

Heals and repairs Advanced moisturizing bruise cream heals and repairs the damaged skin and leaves the skin with a more vibrant and healthy look, it is safe and effective and can be used for all skin types.

This cream works perfectly and a positive result is a guarantee. Try advanced moisturizing bruise cream and get rid of those scars today


4. The Best Gel for Oily Skin – La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

La RochePosay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel is the best skin gels used for oily Face skin, this cleanser helps eliminate excess oil of the face. when we eliminate excess oil on the face we give our more youthful and young-looking skin, this is one of the best skin gels cleansers that help to get rid of any clogged dirt and oil.

This gel is effective and can be used in acne-prone faces, and helps eliminate excess oil. it works perfectly and the results are positive. try one of these best skin gels today and gain confidence.

5. Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-CreamThe best Skin Firming and Toning gel, best for Normal skin With Q10 For Normal Skin – 6.7 oz. Tube

Nivea skin firming and toning body gel-cream is one of the best skin gels. It is medically tested and approved. it helps in firming the skin and helps the skin appear more toned, it gives the skin a smooth appearance

Nivea is one of the best skin gels it moisturizes the skin giving the skin a healthier look.

If you want to have firm and healthier skin try it with no regrets it works wonders and a positive result is noticeable within two weeks.


It is always good to walk with confidence, having a scar os a saggy stomach or boobs is not the will of a person and nobody would love to have some are accident but trying to get rid of a scar is easy and fast, because we have various best skin gels in the market, all we need to do is make the right choice of the best skin gels we want and the type of a scar we want to heal. for example, if it is for stretchmark you can choose Mederma advanced scar gel, for a dark circle you can choose Advanced Moisturizing Bruise Cream this is the best skin gel on the market. be proud of yourself and get rid of scars in your body with the correct scar gel.