Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?- Best Idea 2021

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Can I Put a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Nail Polish?

Yes, it’s possible to put a gel top coat over regular nail polish, and it includes a variety of steps:

  • After applying regular nail polish, buffer the nails and let the normal polish dry.
    Once the polish has dried, apply a coat of gel topcoat, and in case any gel gets on one’s skins, wipe it before one cures the gel.
  • Cure the gel under a UV lamp for two minutes or under a Led lamp for 30 seconds.
    Wipe any tacky layer using an alcohol wipe but avoid using cotton balls since they can leave lint on one’s nails.

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Why use a Gel Top Coat with Regular Nail Polish

Among the key factors that may have one use a gel, topcoat improves the durability of one’s nail polish as the gel coat makes it last for about three weeks. In addition, a gel topcoat and regular nail polish prevent chipping, fading, and peeling. The process is ideal since it does not take long to get the manicure done compared to regular manicures.

The drying time is also similar to when one applies a regular manicure, and the removal process is also more straightforward. When one uses nail polish, the main goal is to have the polish stay attractive for as long as possible. Among the new methods that one can guarantee a long-term stay of one’s nail polish is to apply a gel top coat, that is more resistant to elements that lead to nail polish peeling and being scratched easily.

Can You Use a Regular Nail Polish with a Gel Top Coat

One can use a gel top coat with regular nail polish as it’s suitable to help in increasing the lifespan of regular nail polish.

There are significant advantages of using a gel top coat as it gives one a glossy appearance and guarantees that the nail polish will last longer.

The key benefits of using a gel topcoat are that they are not easily damaged and resist peeling and scratching more successfully when compared to having nail polish alone. An individual that engages in many physical activities, that guarantees plenty of friction with nails, can apply a gel topcoat.

This will ensure that they maintain their nail polish for a more extended period that is estimated to be about ten days to two weeks depending on how one applies and the brand one chooses. Gel top coat also adheres well to nail polish when used, thus the glossy appearance of one’s nails.

How to Use Both Regular and UV Gel Nail Polish Together

Putting a Gel Topcoat over Regular Polish-this is a relatively simple process that would involve one first preparing their nails to apply regular nail polish.

The preparations are different based on one’s needs or habits, but more commonly, one files the edges of their nails and clears any polish from the previous application then cleans their nails using a wet wipe. Apply a base coat and let it dry and then apply regular nail polish, let it dry, and ensure that the application is even.

After the regular polish has wholly dried well, apply a gel top coat and use a UV or Led lamp to dry the gel coat. It’s essential to use the lamps to ensure drying takes a small amount of time and that the gel coat is evenly distributed.

Using the “Gelly Sandwich” Technique

What is a gelly sandwich technique?”

The gelly sandwich technique is a method where one applies regular polish in between a gel top and base coat. The method is believed to improve the stay of regular nail polish by a few more days. The method is simple, but it requires a lot of patience as it takes plenty of time to dry off the two gel applications and the regular nail polish.

Steps to achieve a successful gelly sandwich

Applying gel coat and regular nail polish using the gelly sandwich method is not simple as it requires technique and patience. Various steps should be followed to guarantee that the application process is successful.

First, one should follow the following steps:
Shape, buff, and cleanse your nails in preparation for a manicure and apply a gel base while capping the nail tips. Cure the foundation using led or UV lamps and wipe off all the tacky layers.

Apply various coats of nail polish until the desired opacity is achieved. Wait for the nail polish to dry before application of the gel top coat completely.
Apply a gel top coat while capping the tips and cure with Led or UV lamps. Lastly, clear the tacky layer.


Application of gel top coat and regular polish is an ideal approach that one can use to ensure that their nail polish can last longer. using both makes your nail polish last long, therefore, making it very economical.


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