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What Are Nail Stickers?

Nail stickers are made of nail polish on the upper side and an adhesive surface on the lower side. Nail stickers are generally placed on one’s nails using adhesives as they are made of polymer clay and come in different pre-cut shapes. Nail stickers that come in the form of sticks must be cast as thinly as possible and stuck on one’s nails. The best adhesives include nail paint or nail glue.

Are Nail Stickers Safe?

Nail stickers are safe as they are made of skin and nail-friendly material. Additionally, they are made on nail polish, and since they are easy to apply and remove, they pose no form of danger to an individual.

How Much Do Nail Stickers Cost?

Nail stickers are generally cheap as the general price ranges from$5 to $20 depending on the color and the design of the stickers.

How Long Does Nail Stickers and Nail Wraps Last For?

When well applied and well taken care of, nail stickers can last for around 14 days. The length of the stickers will depend on the application technique used, the quality of the nail stickers, and the activities that an individual engages in when they have the nail stickers.

6 Tips To Make Nail Wraps & Stickers Last Longer

To guarantee that one’s nail stickers will last for longer, one can apply a variety of techniques which include:

  1. Applying a topcoat is essential for using a top coat as it ensures that the nail strip is strengthened and thus makes the stickers last longer. One could apply clear nail polish to increase the lifespan of the nail stickers by a couple of days. The clear coat also prevents water damage as well as making the adhesive work better.
  2. Selection of a high-quality brand- the quality of the nail stickers matter-determines how resistant they will be to external forces that may damage the stickers. High-quality nail stickers typically last longer.
  3. Keeping away from water and heat-being in constant contact with heat and moisture will increase the chances of the nail stickers getting damaged as these two elements damage nails quicker. Heat makes the adhesives weaker, while water may dissolve the adhesives.
  4. Proper preparation of one’s nails before applying the nail polish is also an approach that one can take to improve the stay of one’s nail stickers. Preparation should always involve the filing of nails and thorough cleaning.
  5. Using an appropriate amount of nail glue-this is a vital step as it ensures that the nail stickers can stick well and thus can last for a more extended period. The nail glue should be enough to hold all the bail stickers perfectly. Using a small amount of nail glue will limit the lifespan of the nail stickers.
  6. Avoiding involving activities-once one has applied nail stickers, they should avoid activities that will present a danger to the nails. Activities such as carrying heavy items or handling large or irregular materials threaten the nail stickers; thus, one should avoid such and more activities.
  7. The length of the nail stickers will also determine the actions that one should avoid, as the longer nail stickers will prevent one from engaging in more activities.

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How Do You Apply Nail Stickers?

Application of nail stickers should be a delicate and unique process to guarantee that the nail stickers will last longer and provide a cute look.

The following steps could be used to apply nail stickers.

  1. Remove present nail polish in case one has older nail polish. The first process should be removing the nail polish using polish remover to ensure that adhesion will be uninhibited.
  2. File the nails when applying nail stickers, and it’s essential that one has a natural look and this can be obtained through filing one’s nails to ensure they are even and match or are shorter than the nail stickers.
  3. Cleaning the nails-cleaning is an essential step as it will ensure that the nail stickers will stick well. For proper cleaning, one could clean the nails using warm water.
  4. Choose and apply the nail stickers-one should then select the nail stickers they will use. The application will include peeling the nail stickers from the sheets. Next, apply nail glue on one’s nails and place the nail stickers gently. Place the stickers right from the cuticle to the nail tips.
  5. File the excess nail stickers-in case the nail stickers are longer than one’s desire, file the nail stickers using a nail file. Lastly, apply a top coat to improve the strength of the nail strips.


Nail stickers are an ideal and simple way of improving one’s look. Care should be taken when applying the nail polish and after application for them to last longer.

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