Best & Safest Glow In The Dark Nail Polishes 2021

glow in the dark nail polish

Types Of Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

After evaluating many glow in the dark nail polish i came across this best nail polish that every woman would like to try, they are safe to use, affordable, available and easy to apply.

Advantages of glow in the dark nail polishes

  1. The nail polish can glow brightly for several hours
  2. Its application process is simple
  3. It stays on for a long period compared to other glowing nail polish
  4. It also comes in a variety of colors
  5. It is affordable and available

Cons of FairyGlo

The main disadvantage of this nail polish is the fact that it takes very long to dry especially when one is not using a UV Led lamp.
The dark nail polish can glow for about half an hour and 45 minutes but one can always activate it by holding the nails against some light. The nail polish can also glow even when exposed to dim lights

 Types of glow in the dark nail polishes

MEILINDS Night Fluorescence glow powder-

This is a powder product that is applied by pouring the selected color on one’s nails. When applied, the powder has to be mixed with the color rather than the topcoat to guarantee smoothness. It adds sparkle to one’s nail and it also glows in the dark.

FairyGlo Glow powder-

This is a glow that appears appealing during the day and glows during the day. The product comes with a 24 color set which guarantees one long-term use.

Big T Ranch glow nail polish-

This is a unique product that offers a unique flavor since it dries well and has a perfect glow. The thickness of the product when applied will determine the glow of the nail polish.

 Saviland 6pcs UV LED Soak Off Night Glow Nail Varnish Nail Art Kit for Christmas(10ml/Bottle)

This is among the best nail polishes that glow in the dark as it comes in six colors as well as a top and base coat. The nail polish is made from non-toxic ingredients and washes off quickly.

Nail grow Dip Powder Kit-

Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit 6 Colors,Dip Powder System Starter Nail Kit Acrylic Dipping System for French Nail Manicure Nail A

This is a powder product that one inserts their nails. The product is ideal since it is easy to apply, can last for over 10 days, and dries off fast.

Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish


This vrenmol has a Glow Effect Fluorescent with Bright Colors, it is made of healthy, environmental, friendly with no chemical materials and it is easy to use. The application is simple and can last up to 2-3 weeks.

Beetles Neon Gel Nail Polish Set,

beetles are one of the professional glow in the dark nail polish that requires a Cure under lamp for 90-120 secs. sometimes it feels thick and tacky and it is recommended if it feels thick or tacky, place it in hot water for 1-2 minutes. It is not recommended for sensitive skin, sometimes it might cause itchiness and it is advisable you visit the doctor and stop using it when you experience the symptoms.

Alex Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens Girls Fashion Activity

Alex spa glow in the dark nail polish is one of the best art pens that has a brush on one end for painting the nail or filling in shapes and a precision tip on the other end for sketching designs. This is the best fashionable polish that can make your nails glow in the dark with a unique desighn. This is an ideal gift for children of eight years and above.





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