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Causes & Treatment of Pincer Toenails

Causes of Pincer toe nail

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Are you suffering from a pincer toenail and your condition is becoming worse?. In this article, you will find out the causes, prevention, and treatments. Sometime back a mother discovered her toenails were curving inward, she was not bothered about it since she thought it was bust normal. After a few weeks, she started feeling pain and uncomfortable while wearing closed shoes. The pain became unbearable and after talking to her friends she decided to visit a doctor. The doctor discovered that she had a fungal infection that had led to a pincer toenail. She was then given Dr. Krause Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit and within two weeks her nails started getting back to normal.

Causes of Pincer 

A Pincer toenail is a nail deformity, that causes a nail to curve itself inward causing a lot of pain to the toes and the surrounding parts. This is also known as curved in toenails it occurs mostly on toes. A pincer can cause a lot of pain and sometimes for severe cases it can cause bleeding.

This condition is usually treatable at home but in some cases visiting a doctor can be required.

  •  Fungal Pincer 

Fungal infection occurs mostly in toes and most people can live with it without noticing, the nails become thick and break easily. They appear white, green, or black and they start forming debris under them. when you try to remove the debris they break easily. It is advisable to keep your toes dry and moisturized to avoid the fungal infection. If the fungal infection is severe the nail can be removed.

  • Tumor 

Most people confuse tumors with fungal infection and they tend to think it’s a normal condition. A tumor is a mass of tissue that is formed by an accumulation of abnormal cells. This can cause the pincer to occur when the tumor affects one of the toes.  The tumor is removable by surgery.

  •  Hereditary (family history) 

Pincer toenails are likely to affect women more than men. In some cases, this can be inheritable for example a child can inherit it from the parent. lack of best products and proper nail filling can cause this to occur. There are best nail files and kits in the market that can give you the best results.

Best management of pincer toenail 

Use antiseptic and warm water to wash the infected toe, clean it gently, and use the best file to file the nail to avoid the breakage.

Wear comfortable and bigger sized shoe to avoid damaging the nail. Tight shoes can cause pincer toenail. shoes that are not tight give the toe enough space and makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Krause pincer Toenail Treatment Kit 

Causes of Pincer Toenails

Dr. Krause pincer toenail treatment kit comes with 20Pcs/set it includes Nail Corrector, Tweezers, 6x Headers, and 12x Nail Retainers.

It is a Stainless Steel Pedicure Tools for  Softening and Easy Trimming 

It is easy to use and can be used at home without specialist help.

it does not cause you pain and it is very comfortable to use, by using this kit I can guarantee you that within 30 days you will be able to get the best results.

Causes of Pincer Toenails

The best treatment for pincer toenails

URIEL pincer toenail drop is the best it makes the nails soft preventing them from becoming hard and breaking easily.                                                                                                                                              It enables the straightening of the nails, this is the best treatment to use, its available and affordable.


Every organ in our body plays a bigger role in our day’s life, nails make our fingers and toes look beautiful. We should take good care of them by maintaining good hygiene, using the best and non-toxic products. Your nails are the first thing people notice while in the office, writing or handling things. Taking good care of our body parts and organs helps us improve our general health.




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