Best Hair extensions for Christmas

Best Hair Extensions for Christmas

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Hair extensions which are also referred to as artificial hair integrations refer to synthetic or human hair that is attached to one’s natural hair to increase its length. Hair extensions are either integrated with one’s natural hair or used to cover one’s hair as in the case of weaves (Kenna, 2016). Hair extensions are mainly used to add length and volume to one’s hair without having to face the risk of invasive procedures or the use of chemicals.

Difference between hair extensions and hair clips

Hair extensions are actual or synthetic hair that is attached to one’s hair to improve their look by adding to the length and volume. Regular hair extensions have to be applied in different methods such as braiding together with one’s natural hair or even using glue. Hair clips are a different type of hair extensions that come in contoured pieces and at the base, they are normally attached using a fabric. A user only has to clip the extensions to their natural hair.

Falling of hair extensions

Hair extensions fall out when they are not well placed or when they are old and still in use. Various issues may lead to the falling of hair extensions and they include wrong application, nature of extension used, the nature of one’s hair, and the activities that an individual partakes in while wearing their hair extensions. Wrong or incomplete application of hair extensions can result in the extension falling off even with the slightest form of force such as wind (Jensen, 2018).

Wearing old extensions that are not well-maintained results in having them fall off as they may not hold well. The type of extensions used can also determine if they are likely to fall off in addition to the nature of one’s hair. If one has loose hair, their extensions may likely fall off. Partaking in vigorous or activities that require plenty of physical movements such as swimming and running may cause loose extensions to come off (Kim, Ough, & Kim, 2019).

The benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are ideal for a great number of reasons which include:

  1. Adding volume and length-women with short hair can take advantage of hair extensions and enjoy extra length and volume of hair.
  2. Low maintenance-using hair extensions are hassle-free and require low maintenance since users don’t have to style their hair each time they step out.
  3. Cover-up for bad haircuts or hair loss-women who get a bad haircut can use hair extensions as the perfect cover-up. The hair is well applied can hide any form of a bad hair cut or hair loss (Chen, 2017).
  4. Adding hair color-women who wish to have a different hair color but are not interested in dying their hair can make use of colored hair extensions to satisfy their fashion needs. The idea is simple and safe as one avoids the use of any chemicals.
  5. Getting instant looks-hair extension presents one with the chance to make hair changes overnight without having to make changes to their natural hair. Getting instant looks using hair extensions requires one to have several pieces of their preferred hair extensions or weaves (Chen, 2017).

Choosing a hair extension

Choosing the most ideal hair extension for an individual is the first step to looking good in a hair extension. Essential factors that must be considered when making the choice include deciding on the type of extensions to purchase (human or synthetic), the color of the extension, hair texture to ensure proper blending with one’s natural hair, decide on the length and the occasion that calls for getting the hair extensions and finally the price of the extensions (Vazquez, 2016).

VeSunny 18inch Layered Halo Couture Hair Extensions

This is a human hair extension that helps individuals add their hair volume swiftly by attaching the extensions using adjustable clips. The extensions are ideal since do not require one to use glue and don’t damage one’s hair. The extensions have a proper length of between twelve to twenty inches with a maximum weight of 100 grams. The extensions don’t easily tangle and they can be easily straightened out or curled.

Halo Hair Extensions

This is a straight human hair extension that is an easy-to-wear option since it comes with two options of two application wires: fish line and elastic string. The hair extensions are easily styled, have a long lifestyle if well maintained, and placed and can also be reused after washing. The extensions when well applied can blend easily with one’s natural hair.

HMD 22 Inch Long Corn Wave Ponytail Extension 

This is a synthetic hair extension that comes with excellent features that include resistance to high temperatures, easy to curl or straighten, washable, reusable, soft, and naturally blends with one’s hair.


The extension has excellent physical characteristics in terms of texture, color, appearance, and is almost similar to human hair. When tangled, the extension can be untangled by soaking it in a mixture of baking soda, water, conditioner, and vinegar.


Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Braids 

This type of hair extension is a synthetic nonflammable and washable hair extension that comes with the advantage of easy application. The extensions are ideal since they don’t have to be rest after being washed as they normally return to their original curling nature after they are completely dry. The extensions have a reasonable length, are affordable, and easy to maintain.

Molefi Brazilian Funmi Hair Loose 

This extension is made of human hair and exists in three types namely curly, short and thick.

The installation type is weave and it has excellent features that include 100% unprocessed curly natural hair, natural hair color, tight and neat, full and thick, soft, and can be curled or straightened as one’s hair.


2Pices(1Black+1Brown) Women Bump

This item is a hair styler that is temporarily attached to one’s hair. The item resembles a comb that has some volume of hair attached at the end. It used a s quick solution for creating large hair volumes.

Unprocessed Virgin Mongolian Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair

This type of extension is made of human hair that weighs around 100 grams. The extensions have a variety of features that include simple to restyle, no shedding, smooth and soft, it’s tight, and it’s also not matted up which presents a neat look when properly applied.


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