5 Best Color Changing Nail Polish(for Christmas)

Color changing nail polish is the best nail polish on the market. It makes your nails look attractive and presentable. This nail polish is what every woman is eyeing, it comes in different colors and the best topcoat ever. Try out this beautiful color changing nail polish today.

Sexy mix thermal gel nail polish

This color changing nail polish has incredible color changing abilities that make it among the most desirable and purchased color changing nail polish in the market. Additionally, Sexy Mix Gel Polishes provide affordable products that bring the brand more clients. There are certain benefits that a client is set to relish when they get themselves the sexy mix of thermal gel color changing nail polish and they include: 

  1. Outstanding color change-the polish changes color depending on the temperature of the surroundings for instance during the cold weather, the polish will change to a darker color and during hot weather, it will turn into a lighter color. Changes in body temperature may also trigger a color change.
  2. Ease of application-the nail polish is simple to apply since it’s smooth and has similar application patterns as other color-changing nail polish.
  3. Global use- the use of color-changing nail polish that has a global status means that one can worry less about any negative side effects as the product is thoroughly tested and approved. 
  4. Affordability-its among the top color changing nail polish that are easily affordable by a large part of the population. 

The main demerits of sexy mixed thermal gel nail polish are that one requires a led lamp to cure and it has a slim variety of colors. The bottles and application brushes are also small.

Cirque polish

This is a premium hand-made color changing nail polish that is widely known for its vivid color-shifting ability. This polish which is only produced in New York harbors some advantages over its competitors.

  1. High safety standards-this This comes as a result of how the nail polish is developed as its producers avoid the use of toxic material, use no animal products, and are against the use of animals as testing subjects.
  2. A wide array of colors-this colors changing nail polish is not limited to few colors as the polish comes in a large variety of colors that include patina, la vie en rose, magic turquoise, luna color, and Rothko red among others.
  3. Easy to apply and use-one only requires to use of a minimum of two coats of the polish to witness color changes in different environments. 
  4. Incredible and dramatic color change-the color change takes place when there is a change in temperature within the body and the environment. 

The main undoing of this color-changing nail polish is the fact that they are very expensive because they are handmade and use top-tier safe ingredients.

KB shimmer polish

This is a unique color-changing nail polish that has the distinct ability to shift between three colors whereby when it’s cold it’s deep blue, light purple in room temperature, and light green at warm temperature. The main reason it’s classified as a top color changing nail polish is that:

  1. Its triple colored-unlike regular color changing nail polishes that shift between two colors, KB shimmer has a third resting color that is vivid when a change happens. An individual with long nails may see the three colors at once where the end part of the nail would be deep blue due to the cold, the middle section would light purple as the temperature is slightly higher and the part on the finger would light green due to higher body temperature.
  2. Multicolor look-during transitions, this polish normally highlights a variety of colors on the nails.
  3. No need Led lamp- KB shimmer is classified as a regular thus a led lap is not necessary to cure after application. 
  4. Easy application-the polish looks complete after applying three coats: the topcoat and the other two coats.

The demerits of using KB shimmer color changing nail polish is that it has a limited color option, it’s mainly ideal for long nails to showcase all the colors and it’s expensive. 

Born Pretty polish

This type of color-changing nail polish is unique since the color changes are influenced by a change in temperature and intensity of sunlight. The nail polish has been in the market for close to ten years and its main merits include:

  1. Ability to change into four colors-the four colors come into being when it’s either warm, cold, when there is sunlight, and when there is no sunlight. 
  2. Affordability-in relation to other color-changing nail polish, BornPretty’s prices are within the price range of most people. 
  3. No UV lamp needed-the polish is not gel-based thus application is complete without the need for a UV lamp for curing. 

The major disadvantages include the fact that BornPretty is more sensitive to light than temperature changes thus the polish mostly appears good when exposed to sunlight or during weather extremities. To appear good, one has to apply three coats of the color-changing nail polish with a base of white most recommended.

INLP polish

This type of color-changing nail polish that changes color depending on the angle with which sunlight hits the nails therefore one may detect color changes whenever they move their nails around. The benefits of the polish include: 

  1. Instant color change-the color change is normally affected by the angle at which sunlight hits the nails. Unlike other color-changing nail polish, it does not require a temperature change. 
  2. No need for a Led lamp to cure the nails after applying the polish.
  3. Simple to apply as two coats are enough to make the nails look superb.

The main demerits include that it’s more expensive than other polishes and has a limited range of color choices. 

Smith & cult nail polish

This type of color changing nail polish is a unique and opaque form of polish because it’s vegan and gluten-free. The main advantages of this polish include:

  1. Easy to apply since one may only need three strokes to complete painting the nail. 
  2. The polish does not chip off easily as the topcoat can stay on for more than eight days. 
  3. Wide variety of colors.

The main demerits are the fact that it’s highly-priced than other types of polishes. 



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