9 Top Best Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions

These are cosmetic makeup that is applied to enhance the length of one’s natural eyelashes. In addition to adding more length, the fullness, thickness, and color of eyelashes are hugely improved when one puts eyelash extensions. These eyelashes may be created using horsehair, human hair, silk, synthetic, and mink. One may also attach eyelashes when they want to enhance the color of their eyelashes as well as the general shape of the eyes. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions

These eyelashes are made of PBT (synthetic material). The material that is used to create this eyelash is unique as it has great shape memory, barely deforms, and has high heat and chemical resistance thus lasts for a longer period. The material utilized to create this eyelash extension is flexible and at the same time soft. Animal fur is not used to create these eyelashes and they have only been named mink as the eyelashes are as soft as mink hair. 

Silk eyelash extensions

 These eyelashes are also made of PBT but their main difference between silk and mink eyelashes is the general shape, weight, and finish made for both types of eyelashes. Silk eyelashes have a natural sift finish and two-thirds of the eyelash is tapered. Silk lashes often have a longer taper thus appear thinner when compared to mink eyelashes. Silk lashes also contain a full matte finishing to give the eyelashes a more natural look. 

Synthetic eyelash extensions

These are the firmest eyelashes based on the polished acrylic material that is used in developing these eyelashes. Additionally, they appear shinier about the mink and silk eyelash extensions. These are regarded as the most common type of eyelashes that ladies use as they normally hold the curl well as they are firm as compared to other types of eyelashes. 

 Application Process for eyelashes extensions

One can follow five simple steps to apply their eyelashes. First is complete preparation of the natural eyelashes which involves washing as well as the application of the preferred eyeliner, eye shadow, and lastly, curl the lashes. The second is applying glue on the eyelashes and awaiting the eyelashes to dry up. Next is placing the strip to one’s lash line and press to fix it well. Lastly, one should apply black eyeliner to hide the lash strip. 

How to apply eyelashes

Application of eyelashes-the basic steps that need to be followed when applying eyelashes include:

  1. Applying your lash glue strategically
  2. Use a mirror 
  3. Use eyeliner to camouflage the strip’s band

What To Look For In Natural False Lashes

There are certain elements that one should check when they purchase a natural false eyelash and they include the weight, details, and shape of the eyelash. 

The Benefits of putting on eyelashes extensions

There are certain benefits of using eyelash extensions including enhanced beauty as one appears more youthful and enables one to enhance their natural beauty. Secondly, the application of eyelash extensions can be time-saving for individuals that take time to make their eyelashes. Another great benefit of using eyelash extensions is that, unlike other beauty products which cause harm. Putting eyelashes is not an invasive process and it’s additionally safe. The use of eyelashes guarantees one lift throughout the day as it’s tough for natural eyelashes to remain curled throughout the day. 

The Drawbacks

Numerous risks and drawbacks are associated with using eyelash extensions and they include the risk of infection which normally affects the cornea, secondly, there is skin irritation around the eyelid area. Last is the loss of eyelashes especially when the glue is applied wrongly or when one takes it off in the wrong way. Swelling is also a common drawback that is associated with the presence of an infection. 

Velour Mink Lashes

These are false eyelashes made of cotton that are impressive quality, offer great comfort, and have great detail. The eyelashes can be used up to 25 times when well maintained and can easily be applied. The eyelashes are ideal for parties, photoshoots and can also be worn during the day or time. The eyelashes are comfortable and guarantee no irritation. 

Ardell Natural Multipack

This is a black eyelash that is made of human hair that has unique features that include being lightweight, guarantee comfort, have rounded lash style, waterproof, reusable, and can be worn both day and night. The eyelashes are affordable and they offer long service when well maintained. The eyelashes are well curved to give one a natural and bold look. 

Kiss Products Multipack

These are mink eyelashes that only come in black color. The multipack has five sets of eyelashes that guarantee long-term service. The eyelashes have a slight flare and are lengthy and they can blend well with one’s natural eyelashes. The eyelashes use tapered end technology and thus application is simple and swift. The eyelashes are top quality and they allow women to try out different styles.

ELF Dramatic False Lash Kit

These are affordable eyelashes that come in dramatic lash color. The dramatic false lash kit includes an adhesive gel, dramatic lashes as well as diamond lashes. The eyelashes are simple to apply and the removal process is also quick. The dramatic false lash kit also comes with a contour tray where one has the chance to reshape their eyelashes after removal. 

LASHVIEW Individual Lashes Kit

This is a unique set of eyelashes that has unique features that include being simple to apply, are reusable, quick grafting comes with a sensitive glue that prevents burns and safeguards against sensitivity. The quick grafting enables one to make several lash designs based on their desires. 

Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash

These are eyelashes that are made of human hair and are highly unique since they contain multi-magnet technology, its waterproof, its re-usable, and offer one natural and soft look. 

Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash

These are knot-free eyelashes that have a natural look as they are permanently curled and waterproof thus they can be utilized in the rainy season. These eyelashes can be used up to 15 times. 

MAC 33 Lash

These are high-quality eyelashes that are accessible at affordable prices. The eyelashes are thin but can last for long periods when well maintained. 

Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles Lashes

This is a high quantity eyelash that appears vivid and shiny. These eyelashes are highly durable as they are made of soft material that is easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. These eyelashes come with a 100% guarantee and they also come with eyelash tweezers. 

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