8 Best Christmas Polygel Nails Kit 2020

Polygel Nail Kit

8 Best Christmas Polygel Nail Kit 2020


A polygel nail kit refers to a distinct collection of items that one could use to either apply or put on to improve the appearance of one’s nails. There are basic components that are typically found in a polygel nail kit and they include a nail file, numerous nail forms, nail gel tubes, a nail brush, and a spatula.

Application of Polygel Nails Kit

Application of polygel nail kit takes a nine-step approach that includes:

  1. Nail preparation-this This includes filing and shaping the nails.
  2. Wash your hands using soap and dry. Apply rubbing alcohol to remove any oils.
  3. Selection of dual forms for all nails. It’s recommended that the dual form be larger than the sides of one’s actual nail.
  4. Use the spatula to get the gel which is applied to the dual form.
  5. Dip the brush into the slip solution to avoid gel sticking. Cover the dual form with gel making it thick in the middle while making it thinner on the sides.
  6. Once a preferred shape is reached, apply a base coat and cure it with a led lamp
  7. Next, apply the dual form at 45 degrees and push down lightly. Use a brush dipped in a slip solution to remove excess gel.
  8. Cure the nail instantly and squeeze it until it pops off and conclude by shaping it to the preferred length and shape.
  9. Remove excess dust after shaping and later apply the topcoat. Conclude by curing the nail.

Removal of polygel nails

There are two main methods used to remove polygel nails and they are the acetone-free approach and the wrapping method. The acetone-free approach includes cutting the extra nail length, removal of the nail gel layer, polishing the nail surface, and finally hydrating the cuticle. The wrapping method entails cutting extra nail length, buffing the top nail gel layers, wrapping cotton dipped in acetone with foil, peeling the polygel, and polishing the nails through buffing (How to Remove Polygel: Two most effective ways, 2020).

Advantages of polygel nail kits

The benefits of polygel nail kits are that they are durable, they allow simple structuring of nails, make shaping simpler, they cure quickly under led lamps, they are flexible, strong, and have favorable odors (Hes, 2018). Additionally, they are light and simple to wear.

Curing polygel nails

Polygel does not self-level and it does not harden until it’s cured. Curing normally takes place under a led or UV lamp for a minute or less. The curing time depends on the thickness of the gel (Smith, 2019). Curing is simple since one does not experience heat spikes and no tacky layer forms.

Best nail extension kits

Morovan Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

Polygel nail kit

This French kit is unique since it contains a variety of accessories such as nail gel, slip solution, base coat, and topcoat among others. The main feature of this kit is that it can be used for nail extensions and UV gel nail extensions. The nail kit is easy to use, flexible, strong, and lighter than the UV type which makes ideal for artistry. Morovan poly gel nail kit is ideal for both professional and home applications.

Mobray Poly Nail Gel Kit

This is a color-changing extension gel (four colors)that is known for being strong, flexible, lighter than most nail extensions, and making one’s nails appear almost natural. This kit also has a long-lasting effect when applied in the right manner. The kit is unique since it can be used in a variety of settings which include DIY home art, professionals, and nail salons.

Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit 

This kit contains a variety of items that include seven poly nail gels, a nail file, top and base coat, slip solution, dual nail brush, and a spatula. When properly applied, this poly nail gel can last for two weeks. Its main features include non-toxic ingredients, do not peel easily, are color and shiny resistant, and has a minimal smell. It has a wide application that includes home use, professional use, and Do It Yourself application.

Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit

This is a color-changing dual form polygel nail kit which is among the few kits that provide users with up to two years guarantee. This type of poly extension nails lasts for up to a month when properly applied and has the unique characteristic of drying up fast. This kit provides users with a range of four colors and contains other accessories such as topcoats, base coat, dual end brush, led lamp, and nail file.

Gellen poly nail gel

This is an organic gel which provides users with a six-color range. This gel presents itself as a delicate product that has features such as flexibility, good strength, and a natural appearance. With proper application steps that include filing, proper buffering, and cleaning, the gel can last for more than two weeks. This gel is cured using a led lamp and this takes about thirty seconds. The kit contains nail cleanser wipes, two files (different grits), dual forms (100pcs), top and base coat, spatula, and a dual-ended nail brush.

Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Polygel Professional Nail Technician Enhancement French Kit

This is a nail enhancement kit that possesses the features of both hard gels and acrylics. Additionally, the polygel is well known for its strength, being light, absence of unpleasant smells, and flexibility. This polygel is specially designed for use by nail professionals. The contents of the kit include four-tube keys, nail surface cleanser, multi-purpose poly tool, four shades (light pink, natural clear, bright white, and cover pink) which are two ounces each, top it off sealer, PH bond dehydrator, and slip solution.

Gershion poly nail gel

This nail gel is simple to apply gel that can easily become an alternative for other regular nail gels since one can manipulate it to take any shape. This gel has a long-lasting effect which is subject to the proper application and the use of a dehydrator and primer for improved adhesion. This gel is also graded as simple to use since it dries within a minute under a led lamp, its flexible, light, and provides one with a natural nail appearance. The gel comes in various colors which include clear, nature pink, dark pink, cover pink, white extension, and bean red. The kit also contains a top and base coat, dual-headed nail brush, and sixty pieces of dual form.

Beetles polygel nail kit

This is a toxin-free polygel nail kit with a low odor formula which is simple to apply for both beginners and professionals. The kit is ideal since it is regarded as safer to use since it contains no harsh adhesives. The nail gel is cured using led lamps for about a minute depending on the thickness of the gel applied. The polygel is great for a fast extension, its glue-free, nail-free, lasts long, and dries quickly. This nail gel is available in three colors that include pink, white, and clear.


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