18 Best Nail Polish Ideas to Make it Last Longer

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How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

Nail Polish can last for between 18 and 24 months when well stored.

How To Preserve Your Nail Polish

There are several approaches that one could use to preserve their nail polish for long periods. The main problem with nail polish is the fact that once it’s opened, it may discolor with time and additionally become clumped which makes it unsuitable to apply. Proper storage of nail polish can help one avoid discoloration and the polish becoming clumped.

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There are three key details that one must understand as they preserve their polish.

First one must know that for the polish to last longer, the solvent within the polish must not evaporate, the colored dyes in the polish must be prevented from degrading, separating, and settling as this leads to discoloration.

Seven approaches can be utilized to guarantee the preservation of nail polish.

  1. Keep the bottles well cleansed and closed-closing of the nail polish bottle prevents the evaporation of solution in the polish.
  2. Cleaning mainly refers to having the neck and the cap of the bottle cleansed with a polish remover to guarantee the tight-fitting of the cap.
  3. Avoid exposing the nail polish bottle to heat-nail polish should be stored in a cool environment as this lowers the chances of the solvents evaporating and reduces the possibility of the nail polish contents degrading.
  4. Store the nail polish away from direct sunlight-UV light is responsible for breaking down the nail polish especially the colored dyes.
  5. Gel polishes can also cure and harden up when exposed to sunlight. One could store their polish in closets or designated drawers.
  6. Store the bottles in an upright position-this avoid the polish from hardening and making it tough to open.
  7. Shake stored polish occasionally-it’s likely that polish may clamp up when it stays in a singular position for a long period. It’s thus advisable to shake the bottle periodically to avoid separation and settling.

Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

How can one make their nail polish go the distance? This is a major question that most women have when they apply nail polish. Chipping is among the major challenges after the application of nail polish, and how long the polish will last. This depends on a few factors that include; how it was applied and the activities that one engages in day to day activities.

There are however a variety of approaches that one can implement if they need to have their nail polish last longer.

  1. Change nail polish formula based on what one is currently using and the results it yields, one can try a new nail polish formula to have better results in terms of the nail polish lasting for longer.
  2. Dry nails with the cool air-after application, it’s ideal to use cool air to help the polish dry. Most individuals use their blow dryer to dry the polish and this shortens the lifespan of the polish. Using cool air is the best to use when drying nail polish.
  3. Have short nails-while most ladies would prefer long nails for beauty purposes, having short nails may improve the lifespan of nail polish as long nails are more likely to bump into objects and this increases the chances of chipping.
  4. Applying cuticle oil and cream nails also requires moisturization and this may be difficult when one has applied nail polish. Applying cuticle oil and cream is ideal to prevent wear and tear when the nail is not moisturized.
  5. File nails and apply top coat-this is an ideal approach when freshening up one’s manicure. When the nail polishes begin to chip off, one could file their nails with preferably a glass nail file and freshly apply polish on the tips.
  6. Use gloves when engaging in chores-wearing gloves prevents the contact of the nail polish with other elements which improves their lifespan.

Ways You’re Accidentally Messing Up Your Nails and making the nail polish not to last longer

  1. There are various ways that we one may damage their nails and prevent nail polish from lasting longer and they may include:
  2. Filing nails in different directions-this makes it more likely for nails to break and nail polish peeling.
    Failing to buff your nails-buffing is vital as it prevents ions from one’s skin from accumulating in the nails and ruins nail polish.
  3. Skipping base coat- a base coat is beneficial as it helps to fill ridges in the nails as well as protect one’s nails from stains. One should also apply a special base coat if they are applying glitter polish.
  4. Using too much polish-this is a major mistake that most people engage in and it shortens the lifespan of nail polish as it leaves one with lumps.
  5. Failing to give time for the coat to dry to increase the lifespan of nail polish, one should give enough time for each coat to dry off so that they can apply the next coat.


One must be able to increase the lifespan of nail polish whether it is applied or not and the above approaches and techniques can be utilized to increase the lifespan of the nail polish.

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