11 Best Nail Art Stamping Ideas

nail art stampingnail art stamping

What is nail art stamping?

Nail art stamping is a new nail painting technique that involves placing patterns on one’s nails. The entire process entails the application of nail polish on a metal plate that has specific designs after which one applies to their nail by use of a stamping tool.

This approach of nail painting is unique as one can get detailed and exceptional patterns on their nails, something that is difficult to achieve when one is painting using their hands.

Tips for Picking the Right nail art stamping

When selecting a stamper, one should choose one that is easy to pick the various styles that they may require when applying their nail polish. For beginners picking and transferring images should be easy when they select a suitable nail stamper.

Secondly, one should choose an image plate that covers their nails well, they should not be too small or large otherwise the images will not be fully transferred to one’s nails. The nail stamping kit should also contain an ideal scraper.

Types of the nail art stamping

There are seven main stampers designated for different uses and they include the clear jelly for clear nails, ejiubas stamper, konad stamper, winstonia stamper, MoYou-London Marshmallow stamper, born pretty stamper, and the Whats Up Magnified Nail Stamper.

Application of the Clear Jelly Stampers

For perfect results when one applies a clear jelly stamper, they are required to only use the proper polish, distribute the polish from left to right, and as well as up and down.

Additionally, one should familiarize themselves with reverse stamping. Lastly one should time their topcoat and additionally apply topcoat before stamping.

Winstonia 20 pcs Nail Art Stamping

Winstonia nail art is the most affordable nail art in the market, it has a beautiful design that brings out that elegant and classy look.

It contains a variety of colors so you get to choose the color of your choice. Attend that wedding, party in style worry no more get your winstonia nail art for your nails grooming within seconds and you are good to go.

PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Collection Set 24E – LOVE ELEMENTS

Get your nails done with Pueen nail art stamp collection, Designed by pueen and comes with 24 plates, each plate with total images of 144 images of your choice.

This is the best nail art in the market made of stainless steel with a high polish finish that leaves your nails shiny, attractive, and classy. Make your nails within minutes and attend that date, party, or wedding with no worries, they are safe and healthy for your nails too.

Biutee nail art stamping Plates 

this is one of the best nail stamping plates with are durable and made of stainless steel, it comes with a 10pcs manicure plate,1 stamper,1 scraper. It is beautiful and attractive and pocket-friendly too.

6 Pieces Thanksgiving nail art stamping Plates Fall

Celebrate your Thanksgiving day with these thanksgiving stamping plates that are designed with various shapes of leaves, pumpkin, and some animal images. This is an ideal gift for a mother or daughter during this ceremony including Mother’s Day.

These plates are made of quality stainless steel material which is stable and durable. It is easy to use and remove as well.

BEAUTYBIGBANG 4Pcs Nail Art Stamping Plate Halloween Theme

Get your Halloween experience with this unique nail art stamping, designed by BEAUTYBIGBANG. It is made of a stainless steel nail plate and has various Halloween theme patterns which include pumpkin, skull, ghost, witch, and other patterns of your choice.

Whats Up Nails – Christmas New Year Winter Nail Art Stamping Plates 

Get these high-quality nail art stamping plates that are worth trying. They are for both professional and home use for manicures and pedicures.

They are made of durable materials and are affordable too. Create beautiful DIY stamp designs in your comfort zone be it at home or at the salon with these classy and beautiful nail stamping plates.

Ejiubas Plates Nail Art stamping Plates

Ejiubas stamping plates are high-Quality Stainless Steel plates with a High Polishing Finish. They are reusable and one can get creative with her favorite nail art designs again and again making it more economical. Get your nails done with Ejiubas nail art and experience the difference.

6 Pieces Saint Patrick’s Day Nail Art Stamping Plates

Make your occasion beautiful with Saint Patrick’s day nail art stamping. They contain 6 pieces of Saint Patrick’s day nail stamping plates in 6 different styles.

The plates are printed with Saint Patricks Day theme elements, such as clover, beard, pipe, hat, and many more. They are durable and made with the highest quality stainless steel material.

8 Pieces Valentine’s Day Nail Art Stamping Plates

The valentine is near celebrate your valentine with your loved ones in style by using Valentine’s day nail art stamping plate.

They are made of stainless steel making them more durable, they include Valentine’s Day-themed patterns, such as hearts in various forms, roses, letters, flowers, birds, high heels, lipsticks, and many more.

120 Pcs Multi Shapes Glass Crystal AB Rhinestones For Nail Art Craft,

look stylish and make your nails attractive and classy with these 3d nail art stamping rhinestones that are available in 12 different styles. They have coated nail crystal that is made of high-quality K9 glass and is hard to break. Make your date complete with this irresistible crystal AB rhinestones nail art.

Fall Nail Art Decals Nail Stickers Gold Foil Fall Glitter

Make your nails classy, elegant, and attractive with this Nail Art Decals Nail Stickers. It is a Set foil nail art decals with 12 grids fragments of foil that reflects the dazzling light at the fingertips and makes your nails shiny.

This comes in a variety of colors of gold, silver, white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green and it is an ideal gift for women.


Nail Stamping is a new and unique nail polish application technique that showcases plenty of artistic work and glamour. It makes one’s nails look more decent and presentable. It is affordable, easy to apply and remove.

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